A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Trustworthy Tradesmen You Can Rely On

Finding a qualified tradesman to render services at our homes has now become very difficult than before. This has given rise to fake non-accredited tradesmen, doing shoddy works and causing more harm than good. So as a homeowner, you always have to take a second look at candidates, you select for your works. Being in construction, painting, cleaning, or electrical jobs choose someone you can trust. But how can you find a trustworthy tradesman you can rely on?

Well, it can be difficult but not impossible. There are several guides you can follow when looking for a tradesman.

Now, here are some step-b-step guide to choosing reliable tradesman.

  1. Choose someone you Know

Going for someone you know is another easy way of hiring a trustworthy tradesman. You may have a friend or family member with the skills you require. So why don’t you hire that person instead of looking elsewhere? That said you still have to apply the already mentioned guides. The person must be credible, qualified, with a proven track record. In addition, you need to sign a formal contract and agree on a fee.

  1. Rely on Recommendations from Friends

Relying on family and friends recommendations is one of the best ways of hiring a tradesman. Your friend might have recently sought the services of a cleaner whose work was satisfactory. So in case you also want a cleaning job done, your friend can recommend this cleaner to you. You can then get this service executed in the shortest possible time by a trusted person. Taking recommendations also saves money, time, and having to try your luck.

  1. Check for their Credentials

Many of us make the mistake of not checking the qualifications of the people they hire. We trust blindly and later regret doing so. But, to be on the safer side, we should take time to check the credentials of people we hire. At least find out if the person has any documentation or is a certified member of any organizations.

Even if a friend recommended the person, take a second look to be sure. Checking the qualifications gives you a form of assurance of the person’s capabilities. It also ensures you have value for your money. Also, you assured of your safety when a professional is working on your project.

  1. Hire from an Agency

Hiring from a trades agency is one of the safest and guaranteed ways of choosing a tradesman. Hiring agencies take time in their recruitment process to ensure they only bring qualified people on board. As such, you are sure of getting competent hands for your job.

On the other hand, this personnel requires positive ratings from clients they work for, hence, discharges their duties diligently. They can go to any length to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, you can hold the agency liable for uncompleted or poorly executed jobs. However, the agency must be one with a record of accomplishment.

  1. Check them Online

Every serious tradesman has some form of online presence. It can be a business website or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. Visit these sites and read reviews of their works. Coming across lots of complaints from dissatisfied customers should be a cause for concern.

  1. Check their Track Record

Some jobs are highly sophisticated and demand highly experienced hands. You, therefore, wouldn’t want anyone to mess it up for you. So before you hire someone for such a job, check his or her accomplishments. The person’s track record would determine whether he/she is fit for your job. So, request them to provide evidence and reference to their past jobs. Don’t just take their word for it; do your background checks. Verify each claim they make to ensure your work is in safe hands.

  1. Speak to Previous Customers

Speaking to former customers is a way of verifying their claims of accomplishment. The customers can talk more about their experiences and work ethics of the tradesman. You can decide whether or not to hire this tradesman after your interaction with former customers.

  1. Shun Cold Callers

Never entertain door-to-door tradesmen. People who show up at your home to ask if you need a job done are not credible enough. Stay away from such people. Remember that No professional tradesman will cold call.

  1. Sign a contract

No trustworthy person is scared of putting pen on paper to sign a formal contract. So a reliable tradesman must be ready to sign a legal contract backing your agreements. The contract shall include, date of commencement and completion, agreed on a fee, and payment terms. A tradesman who runs away from a legal contract is not worth working with.

  1. Are they Insured?

The tradesman can accidentally cause damages to your property while discharging his or her duties. If this happens, there should be insurance to cater for the cost. A serious tradesman should have at least a liability insurance package for such incidence. You can, therefore, trust a tradesman with insurance because when something gets broken, it would be paid for.

What if your efforts fail?

So we all wish for the best, but we should also expect the worse. Things can still go wrong despite doing all due diligence. The tradesman can fail to deliver or do an uncompleted work. When this happens, you should:

  • Reach an Agreement – In case of an uncompleted or unsatisfied job, contact the tradesman for redress. You can reach an agreement that they complete the job or give a refund. If they fail to deliver, then you can take it to the next step.
  • Lodge a complaint – if the tradesman belongs to a professional organization, complained to them. The organization will then launch an investigation into the issues to address your concerns.
  • Lawsuit – If all the above fails, seek redress in court.

Bottom line

There is no perfect system anywhere. However, following the guides above will ensure you get the trustworthy tradesmen you require.

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