Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Garden Lit Up In The Darkest Of Nights

8026699452_38be7fb77c_nIf you have a hobby in gardening, you most probably have spent hours on end, week after week to just get the ideal flowers and an arrangement that you want in your garden. Once you have done all this, you realize that your beautiful garden is only visible during the day and once darkness falls, no one notices all the work you have done. This brings in the need for you to come up with a way of illuminating your flower garden. During summer nights, you can do so much in your garden and adding lighting is one sure way of making sure that you spend more time in the garden than in the house.

  • Save energy by using solar powered garden lighting

There is nothing more beautiful than a garden lit by natural light. This is because the original location of gardens is on the outside. Summer gives you an opportunity to store natural light and use it at night once the sun goes to sleep. All you need to do is to come up with the lighting design that you want and buy solar powered lights.

When doing so, remember the garden is made beautiful by the greenery in it, so you must make sure that the lighting you select illuminates both the flowers and the soil. This way, you will always have a well-lit garden and your power bills will remain the same.

  • Make your garden romantic by using stringed lighting

This type of lighting is famous during the holiday times but you can give your garden a romantic angle by installing the same. To begin with, this type of lighting is cheap, as all you have to do is purchase the stringed lights and hung them on anything in the garden. They will provide accent lighting and this means that, you get to select the intensity of the light. When arranged well and creatively, they will give light to your garden while decorating it at the same time.

  • Get creative and use iron lanterns

Iron lanterns are gaining popularity as the preferred mode of garden lighting because they blend in with the rugged nature of the exterior garden hence making it more beautiful. To begin with, you need to understand that they are layered so it means they may need to be used with another mode of lighting.

If not, you need to make sure that you use bright bulbs with them in order to have enough light. They are used as decorative lights in most cases and this is why they are used in combination with brighter lighting methods.

  • Go back in time and use paper lanterns

Paper lanterns were in use back in the days when electricity was not readily available. They are very decorative and in most cases, they use candles as the source of light. However, this means that you need to install many of them if they will be the main form of lighting in your garden. You will need to tie a wire across your garden along the areas you want to install the lights.

Once done, get the lanterns and hang them and all you will need to do is light the candles once darkness falls. As we have electricity today, you can have bulbs installed in the place of the candles, as this will give you more light and less work in lighting. The other thing you need to note about this type of lighting is that it is not resistant to harsh weather so you might have to keep on repairing and replacing the same, as the need arises.

Light up your life

Without light, there is very little we can do, as we would not be able to see. However, the ability to create light has given us the ability to do so much in areas that we were unable to venture. You can use the above ideas to make sure that your summer nights are unique, as you can always have dinner in your garden.

The Hotel Garden Image

Powerful lighting will even allow you to have an evening barbecue with your family, encouraging bonding. Provided you select the best lights for your garden, you will enjoy the outdoors so much and when you are not there, someone will always be admiring your flowers.

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