Audioslave: An Alternative Rock Supergroup

What will happen when you put Soundgarden vocalist/guitarist Chris Cornell and Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford, and drummer Brad Wilk together in a band? It is called a formation of a superband called Audioslave.

Since its inception in 2001 and its untimely disbandment in 2007, the band has been the apple of the eye of critics, with balanced doses of positive and negative comments came their way. However, the best part about all the ruckuses is the fact that the band proved everyone that Audioslave is a different band; Audioslave is not a fusion of two bands but a single and different entity.

The secret to Audioslave’s own musical style is the fusion of old school rock and alternative rock, mixing it all together with their own influences and musical styles to come up with an exceptional sound only they can come up with. However, some critics say that they still sound a bit like Rage Against The Machine due to the guitar playing style of Tom Morello, but they just shrug it off.

According to a statement by Morello after their band’s first rehearsal with Cornell, the chemistry was there in an instant; Cornell took the microphone and sang. He sounded great, which inspired the then-former RATM members something to look forward to. Afterwards, they managed to write more than a dozen songs in a span of 19 days only and recorded some of the songs in 2001.

Moreover, Morello said that it was also Cornell who came up with the band name. However, they had problems using the name Audioslave because it is already used by an English band. To have exclusive rights of the name, Cornell and company worked things out with the Liverpool-based band to the tune of $30,000. Afterwards, the English band changed their name to ‘The Most Terrifying Thing.’

In 2002, the band released their debut “Audioslave” that broke into the Billboard 200 chart at #7, as it sold more than 100,000 copies on its initial week (In 2006, the album reached the triple platinum mark which was certified by RIAA). The self-titled debut would go out and sell millions of copies worldwide.

In 2004, Audioslave released their sophomore album ‘Out of Exile.’ The album reached the top of Billboard’s Top 200 charts. At that time, the reviews about the album are more positive in comparison to their debut. According to some critics, the sound on the said album is their own; compared to their previous album in which they sounded like RATM playing with Chris Cornell on guest vocals. They supported the release of the said album by headlining a tour.

However, after the release of their third album ‘Revelations,’ the rumors regarding the departure of Cornell was circulating across the web. The album earned praises from critics and sold millions of copies. Then, in a statement released in 2007, Cornell officially announced his exit from Audioslave.

Notable Songs by Audioslave:

  • Cochise
  • Show Me How To Live
  • Like A Stone
  • Be Yourself
  • Your Time Has Come
  • Gasoline
  • Original Fire

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