Avoid Repairs: Clean Your AC Unit Regularly

Air conditioner repair, depending on the unit, can cost upwards of $1000. A small repair may be as little as a $50 do-it-yourself job, but if that job is handled badly or if something else is wrong and goes unnoticed a simple repair can turn into a large financial issue. There are ways to avoid these repairs, especially in older air conditioner units. One of the most important methods to take in ensuring that you avoid costly repairs throughout the year is to clean your air conditioner unit on a regularly basis. If you are unsure of how to clean your AC unit regularly, here are a few steps to get you started.  Remember, before starting any cleaning task, you should turn off all power to the unit at both the unit and at the fuse box or electrical outlet.


Replace the Filters


Replacing the filters is the first step in keeping the AC unit clean. Filters, depending on the unit, should be replaced every thirty to ninety days or as needed. If the filter becomes too clogged, air will not flow through the system correctly. This will cause the system to work overtime in order to cool the home and may lead to burnt out fuses, coil issues or major issues that could cause water leaks. There are several types of filters you can buy that will make the replacement times easier. One filter, that has become increasingly popular with many homeowners and renters, is the reusable style filter. This filter simply slides out and can be rinsed off, dried and replaced back into the AC unit. Though standard filters are still available on the market, the reusable ones have been popular with many green lifestyles for their ability to be reused again and again.


Vacuum the Blower Compartment


The blower compartment of an AC unit can become clogged with dirt and debris easily. Cleaning this area on a regular basis is quick and easy. Simply disengage any power to the unit and remove the blower compartment cover. Using a vacuum cleaner hose, begin cleaning the dirt and debris from the area. You may also want to consider using a slightly damp cloth or dust capturing wand to capture any small particles of dust and debris from the fan blades and the blower compartment area.


Clean the AC unit Drains


The drains are one of the leading areas of repair issues. Drains in the AC unit can become clogged easily with dirt, dust and other household debris. This is especially true of the homeowners or renters have pets. Cleaning the AC unit drain is fairly easily and should be done as needed or once every three to six months.  You will need to create a warm water and bleach mixture to use for the drain. You will also need a funnel and the knowledge of how to locate the proper AC drain. The first step is to check the drainage area for any algae build up or deposits. If you find that it does need to be cleaned out, then simply pour the solution into the plastic tube leading to the drain. As the water and bleach solution moves through the drainage area, watch the flow of the solution. If it seems to stay clogged or built up, then use a small wooden skewer or piece of wire to work through the sludge and deposits causing the buildup in the drain. Remember, do not use chemicals such as Liquid Plumber. These will be too harsh on the system and could render the system useless, leading to a very large replacement bill.


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