Basic and Inexpensive On-sale House Repairs To Increase Its Value

If your house is on sale, buyers are sure to inspect it and identify the issues as well as ask for concessions for items not repaired. The common repairs that can be solved easily include ceiling stains, leaky faucets, plaster cracks, ripped window screens, which you know are minor, but can add up and drop your house value.

on sale house repairs

Get your home prepped completely to increase its perceived value, as it shows the buyer that your house is well maintained. In this way, you will not have to reduce price and the actual expense you made to repair them will be less than the buyer’s estimation after inspection.

According to the professionals at Amazing Properties – “Tackling with basic and inexpensive repairs will have your house sell faster and that too for good price”.


Basic and Inexpensive On-Sale Repairs


An impressive entrance

The buyers first view the entrance door, so it is vital to create a great impression. Fix the entrance issues like sagging screen door. Have a new one installed because the aluminum parts may be bent or need repairing due to aging.

Check your house perimeter inspecting it from the buyer’s point of view. Clear dead plants, clip dead stems and blossoms, rake the yard and haul the waste far away.

A fresh coat of paint on front door can make a lot of difference in establishing a good first impression.


A non-problematic roof

Hanging gutters and missing shingles broadcast loud and unwelcoming signals to potential buyers. Make your house look as non-problematic as possible. The buyers must focus on other things like where to place their bed or what kind of curtains to buy instead of getting scary signals from roof issues.


Re-caulk the gutters

Clear the debris from the gutters and re-caulk the end-caps because aging caulks allow leak from drain water inside your house.


Patch the nail holes

Using lightweight putty, fill each nail hole and scrap the excess off. Allow it to dry then sand the putty until it is smooth. Paint the spots with primer. If the patch is bigger, repaint the complete wall.


Eliminate the foul odor

Deep clean the bathroom and kitchen with bleach, re-grout the tiles and re-caulk the cracks between tubs, sinks, toilets, floors and counters to seal the moisture that promotes the growth of stinking, mildew, mold and bacteria.

In case, you have a smoker in the house extra cleaning is needed to eliminate the film of nicotine from the walls. Wash the walls and apply fresh paint as well as change furnace filter to freshen the house atmosphere.


Stop dripping faucet

A dripping faucet is not difficult to fix. You can do it by tightening the valves under the sink. Check for moisture around the valves and sink cabinet floor. If these areas are wet call a plumber.


Renew dinged baseboards

Clean the smudges and scrapes left by toddlers and clawing pets. Fill the dents, sand it smooth, apply primer and repaint the whole surface.


Repair cabinet scratches

Apply products to even out the surface color and enhance the appearance of worn cabinets and unpainted woodwork.


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Joseph Lodge works with Amazing Properties, which is one of the renowned residential and commercial repair and maintenance companies. If you are looking for efficient building maintenance services for reasonable prices, please visit their website today.

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