Cutting your Electricity Costs with Smart Electrical Appliance Usage

The smart usage of electrical appliances can save you and your family a pretty penny. There are some basic tips to cover before we get to more advanced facts about electricity usage. As you probably know, many appliances still use a small amount of power if they remain in standby mode. It’s recommended to shut them off when they’re not being used, especially if they only see a small amount of usage per day.

Cut your Electricity Costs

Light bulbs became a hot topic not too long ago, when the green technology movement inspired manufacturers to create long lasting multi-featured bulbs. Some bulbs are incandescent, while others require a long warming up period to fully shine.


The combination of these features and others have led to bulbs that last up to twenty years, and not only do they cut down on the amount of times you need to climb a ladder to change them, but they utilize the most efficient use of electricity possible with our current technology.


Properties in certain neighborhoods come with their own water treatment system. Though this eliminates the water bill, the savings don’t have to stop there: Households can save a hundred dollars a year by using the dishwasher sparingly. Logic would argue that free water means there shouldn’t be an issue, but the amount of electricity used to power one dish wash is fairly expensive.


Consider strategies that minimize the use of the dishwasher. One of the more popular ones: the entire family washes their own dish when they eat individually, and use the dishwasher for sit down meals and family functions.


Moving on to bigger appliances, the heating and air conditioning systems can bring about extra costs if the homeowner isn’t careful. It is recommended to patch up and insulate (where necessary) any cracks and holes that may leak out air and disrupt the temperature. Leaking air forces the heater/air conditioner to work harder, and last time anyone checked, you’re not paying to warm up the outside.


When it comes to heating and cooling, it’s good to find a comfortable temperature and stick with it. Let everyone in the house know it’s not okay to adjust the thermostat on a whim. When a house is sitting pretty at seventy one degrees, it’s very expensive and laboring for your air conditioner to suddenly drop the room temperature to sixty eight degrees.


It is also well worth the investment to get a fully qualified electrical contractor or electrician into the property to make sure the wiring and electrical systems are running smoothly and efficiently to ensure no wastage or inefficient wiring is draining the power and running up your bill.


It depends on the situation when it comes to what you can do to save money. Sometimes it’s better to shut your appliance off altogether – when dealing with relatively low usage items such as a computers, stereos, or televisions.


Plan a strategy that works for you!


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Lenny Pillay works in Durban South Africa and has been involved in the electrical contracting industry for over 25 years. He is on various executive committees discussing and getting involved with energy saving on a national and African Continent scale. His company Electrican Durban pty Ltd is still running strong today.


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