Decorative Fabrics Can Change The Look and Feel of Your Home Interior

Home is where heart is. And what does the heart want? That your home should look beautiful and exude comfort to both the family members as well as their guests hence home interior decoration has an important role to play. But in order to make your home look beautiful it is not necessary to hire an Interior Decorator. You can give use your aesthetic sense to decide how to make proper use of the space available. There is no point in spending unnecessary money instead use the amount to purchase house hold accessories to decorate your house. The current trend is to decorate the house with different types of decorative fabrics. They are available in different forms like:

  • curtains,
  • draperies,
  • blankets,
  • upholstery,
  • decorative pillows,
  • table mats,
  • seating furniture,
  • armchair
  • and chair linings

Home fabrics

However while buying any of these decorative fabrics consider the colour of the fabric, their material and the quality, as these factors go a long way to determine their usage. One can opt for natural and artificial fibers as well. These decorative pieces are a great way to change the look and feel of any room. If you are using the fabrics as upholstery or a curtain that it is best to opt for those that allows natural night and wind to pass through otherwise the room will get stuffy without proper cross ventilation.


If you are using decorative pillows or chair linings, make sure that they go with the colour combination of the room and other accessories and show pieces displayed in the room. It should an extension of the personality of the room and not something that looks out of place and too bold and bright for preference. Moreover as these fabrics come in direct contact with the user, the materials should be soft and not rough on the skin. Proper use and display of the decorative fabrics can enhance the beauty of the room a lot giving it a free, playful feel.


In case you are decorating a child’s room you can play with the fabrics a lot. You can use different types of decorative fabrics like bed blankets, char coverings, curtains. When you are using these fabrics ensure that the material will not cause any allergic reaction and are non toxic. You can opt for geometric patterns, floral prints or natural composition as the designs and patterns on them.


When you are decoration your bedroom, you need to be clear that the room is for relaxing. Bold colours, big patterns will only add to the distraction. Opt for materials that are soft to touch and feel. Pastel colours with very small designs or pattern are the best choice. Re-decorate your room with new curtains, bed covers, and pillow cases.


The possibility of using different decorative fabrics is not only huge and endless. You can mix and match to achieve your desired look and feel. But whatever you do don’t compromise on the comfort factor. As they say there is no better place than home, home sweet home!


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