Door Handles: A Brief Guide

Every homeowner is a bit picky when it comes to choosing things for their house. Homeowners will take time in choosing the right furniture or stuff to match their home. Like anyone else, people invest in quality products that will last a long time when it comes to home improvement. This can start from little things such as choosing the best type of door, picking high quality door handles, and designing the end tables for the corners of your home.

If you have been planning for a home improvement for some time now, the replacement of doors is one of the simplest ways to improve your home and even increase your home value.

Why start your home improvements by door replacements?

House doors significantly affect the whole aesthetics of any infrastructure. If you compare door replacements to the price of many home renovation, replacements of doors and windows are an affordable way to transform the beauty of the house.

The fundamental factors of windows and doors are to take advantage of the outside view while keeping your privacy. Also, opting for high quality doors can reduce noises coming from outside and even increase your security from external threats like wild animals, extreme weather, or even crime.

Does the door handle matter in your home?

Manufacturers produce doors made with classic materials such as wood and plastic. Some opt for staining, painting, and embellishing their doors with glass. You can get meticulous in choosing the perfect door for your house, might as well look for high quality door handles.

Furthermore, it is essential to find high quality door handles that perfectly match the door design. If you are aiming to provide complete satisfaction to a guest or home buyers, cheap handles can get noticeable. Cheap handles feel very lightweight, rusty, and sometimes you can hear it creaking as you turn the knob.

Selecting the best handles for your doors

Door handles come in two types, it’s either you choose between door knobs or door lever handles. Different styles can be simple, flamboyant, and decorative.

Door knobs have been around for centuries. Through continuous innovations, you can find a design that fits exactly the style of your door, whether its modern or contemporary. Design often comes with the following:

  • Traditional mortice door knobs are best for traditional styles, often called the “beehive.”
  • Modern mortice door knobs are best for contemporary settings like an office.
  • Rim knobs are best for an archaic setting.

Door lever handles naturally have a better grip. Usually used in modern infrastructures. Its design also varies and has a multitude of finishes.

  • A lever handle is best for classic door designs resembling traditional themes.
  • Lever handles on roses are very flexible to different styles since you can use it on any interior door of your home.

Choosing high quality door handles always depends on an individual or a family’s personal preferences. Some, however, choose both aesthetics over quality. If you have been planning to have a few home improvements, it is wise to go for what best suits your home style with, of course, a reliable quality.

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