Eco-friendly Wallpaper – Create Healthy Environment for Your Family

Natural, healthy and fresh home furnishings are customer’s attitude towards life. Wallpaper, as one of the main wall decoration materials for home renovation, also become the focus for environmental protection. Customer’s attention of wallpaper has shift from decoration to environmental protection performance and the effect on air quality. Where there is need, there is market. Consumption needs is always the best promoter for new product. Eco-friendly wallpaper comes into being.

Eco friendly Wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper has paper as substrate, and made by knurling after printing. The raw materials have grass, bark and new type strengthen wood pulp of wood cellosilk etc. pure paper wallpaper has the best environmental protection performance for it does not contain polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine element.

Pure paper wallpaper is divided into protogenesis wood pulp paper and recycled paper. The proportion of protogenesis wood pulp paper is relatively large than recycled paper per square meter for recycled paper is in foaming or semi-foaming. Protogenesis paper wallpaper has better tenacity, smoother surface and better environmental protection performance than recycled paper wallpaper. Both protogenesis paper wallpaper and recycled paper wallpaper have poor water proof performance. Recycled paper wallpaper is often used in space has low human traffic like dream bedroom, study.

First choice for kids and senior room

Comfort, odor-free, good coloring effect, can dye bright color and cave claborate-style painting – these features make it popular for kids and senior room. One thing need to pay attention is that pure paper wallpaper does not suit to use in room close to kitchen and bathroom, this is because poor water proof performance will lead to mouldy.

Mica wallpaper

Mica is a kind of phyllosilicate crystal containing water. Mica wallpaper has mica as raw material and is eco-friendly interior decoration material. Mica wallpaper is featured with good elasticity, satiny hand feeling. But it is easy to have chromatic aberration and obvious joint. Patience and a twist of the wrist are needed to paste it.

Good choice for background wall

Mica has good electrical insulating property, acid-base erosion resistance, poor electrical conductivity, heatproof, sound insulation, so mica wallpaper is good choice for TV background wall and sofa background wall.

Non-woven fabric wallpaper

Non-woven fabric wallpaper is made by natural plant fiber in non-woven fabric technology. Its material attribute is between fabric and paper. It is derive from European. Breathable wallpaper is another name for non-woven fabric wallpaper because it is chemical-free and harmless to human and environment.

Non-woven fabric wallpaper is divided into non-woven fabric and non-woven paper according to the content of fiber – the content of fiber lower than 16% is called non-woven paper, fiber content higher than 16% is called non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric wallpaper is made by chemical fiber, having the merits of moderate cost and environmental protection. But it will cause allergic and need long time to release odor. Non-woven paper wallpaper contains few chemical fiber and plant fiber. Bright color and little harm to human are the merit of it. As non-woven paper wallpaper has wood as raw material, its processing is complicate. It does not suit to be used in moist room.

Good choice for DIY and European concise design style

Non-woven paper wallpaper will not warping, has good water proof performance and sound absorption, breathability. Thin thickness makes it easy to install. Therefore it is preferred by DIY enthusiast. European style, concise style and country style echo with the simple and natural property of non-woven fabric wallpaper.

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