Your elaborate guide to different styles of patio doors

With each passing year the space adjacent to any home is becoming a great for sitting, eating and even for basking in the sun. With the advancement of deck chairs, patios along with the introduction of a wide range of patio heating products and outdoor heating the garden or lawn any place outside the household has become as significant as any area inside the house. The access between in and out of the residence is an important aspect for designing. With the advent of the latest styles on patio doors you can now focus on this aspect more confidently and aesthetically.

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Rear door styles

  • Patio doors are considered as the most traditional form of rear opening doors. There is a double-door structure with one side allow access inside and outside the home and the unbroken large structure greets in an abundance of sunlight inside the house.
  • French doors are a good substitute for traditional patio doors. In this structure, both doors offer access in and out of the household and provide home owners with the feel of having greater space. However, both patio and French doors are common in one aspect; both this type of doors allow for sunlight to penetrate in the house.
  • Bi-folding doors have made their appearances rather recently compared to other types of patio doors. This folding patio doors are fast becoming popular as the bi-folding door opens outwards and offers unhindered views and access. Essentially, these doors have all the benefits of French doors and traditional patio doors and they also allow natural sunlight for entering the house properly.

Safety and security

While buying bi-folding doors you shouldn’t only go by the fabulous looks of these doors but you also have to keep the vital aspect of security in mind. You need to check and ensure that the locking mechanism is good enough to protect the door from unwanted entry using various methods used by burglars and thieves such as crow bar, drills and other equipment. The safety of your patio door will not bring your peace of mind but it may also be noticed by insurance company and may offer a reduction in insurance premium. These are reasons why should put utmost emphasis on the safety aspect of your folding doors.

Bi-folding doors can last forever

Aside from the locking mechanism, folding mechanism is another facet that you have to focus on. Some folding mechanisms remain smooth and flexible for years while some others become worn out or damaged easily. If the folding mechanism doesn’t function properly the doors become stiff and you have to put in lot more effort to close or open them. This is why you should look for bi-folding doors with improved folding mechanism so that you don’t have to pay for replacing or repairing for years.

A bi-folding door or traditional patio or French door needs glazing. You should make use of top rated glazing that is energy efficient to prevent the heat inside the house to reduce carbon footprints.

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