Have You Ever Considered Living in the Caribbean?

Are you retiring soon and looking for a luxurious retirement location? Are you after a long-term vacation? Or do you simply want to move away from the urban bustle of your current life for good? People may have suggested the Caribbean to you. But why?


Of course, the term ‘“Caribbean” encompasses such a wide and varied range of territory. But the kind of Caribbean I’m talking about is the warm, idyllic land you probably thought of first when you read the word Caribbean. The islands, in particular, are the focal point here. Here’s why you should seriously consider a stay on a Caribbean island – temporary or permanent.

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The weather

If there’s one thing you already know about the Caribbean, it’s the beautiful weather. The sun shines like a diamond throughout the year, providing as much heat and tan as you could possibly hope for. You should, of course, be prepared for this heat. If you’re moving from, say, the snowy drives of urban Colorado, then you’ll be in for a bit of a shock. Late summer in the Caribbean is so humid that you may melt if you’re not careful. So remember your sunscreen and your portable fans!

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The cost of living is cheap

The Caribbean has one of the lowest costs of living around. Of course, with so many sovereign states in the Caribbean, prices will vary from one place to the next. But island life in the Caribbean is generally very cheap. It does depend on how you want to live, though. Are you after a steady influx of video games, televisions and fancy ornaments? That’s not the kind of luxury lifestyle on offer here. That’s a superfluous lifestyle that’s expensive anywhere you go. But if you want to eat better, drink fine alcohol and travel, then you’re looking at very reasonable costs. Local produce is very cheap and extremely plentiful. Maintaining a car or a scooter is also cheap. Even the healthcare is a fraction of the price you pay in other territories.

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The choice of islands

You’ll recognize many of the island names of the Caribbean. There are the Cayman Islands, with its amazing spa and massage facilities and famed stingray resorts. There’s Barbados, a name synonymous with adventure and romance. There’s Jamaica, with its incredible reggae dancehalls, soft beaches and beautiful wildlife. St Lucia features incredible springs, volcanoes you can visit the inside of, and astonishing flora and fauna. Then there’s Nevis, a.k.a. “the quiet one”. Featuring the perfect mix of luxury and isolation, it’s no wonder that properties on Nevis are in high demand for retirees.

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The ultimate change of pace

It might not be a good idea to bore you with the details of modern life. But constant Internet usage, business talk and entertainment consumption are almost our defining features. Your brain might need some time away from all of that, to let its circuits cool down and relax. When you move to the Caribbean, you’re not moving off of the grid. You’ve got your Internet, your smartphone, your laptop, your video games. But electricity is a scarcer resource in the Caribbean. You’ll be spending a lot of time more disconnected from the overwhelming world you knew. In fact, you’ll spend a lot of time forgetting about “time” at all. Life will be simpler, warmer, more comforting. All good things, am I right?

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