The Hidden Health Murderer in Your Home

Maybe you have not realized that you have brought the poison home when you are playing the protection of the indoor environment games. Learn some home environment protection ways and prevent the health murderer.

The Hidden Health Murderer in Your Home

For the bedroom

Without doubt that there are lots of make ups on your dresser. However, the formaldehyde and resin will do harm to your eyes. And the talcum powder contains talc which is a carcinogenic substance. There are must have unitard, nylon trousers and socks etc. in your wardrobe, which can release plastic monomer by heating. They are harmful to your health.

Are you often going to the dry cleaner? It is trouble saving and can protect the clothes. However, the dry clothes agent and high effective cleaning agent contain polythylene oxide, which is harmful for the hematopoietic function of the liver and marrow.


For the study room

There are lots of poisons in the study room, either. It is convenient to use for the correction fluid and ink removing agent. But these chemical made products mainly contain toxicity chemical substance such as benzene and mercury. They may stimulate the over secretion of epinephrine, which may lead to the fast and irregular beating of the heart. For the serious ones, it may leads to acute heart disease.


For the kitchen

There are lots of cleaning agents in the kitchen. Have you found out that your hands looks coarse? As there are chemical substances contained in the cleaning agent, they would hurt and corrode your hands. The residue cleaning agent is a threat to your health. Besides, some people like to mix the cleaning agent together so that it has the better effect. But the chemical substances may react with each other and produce more harmful chemical substances. It severely threatens your health.


For the bathroom

You may often use the pesticide and air refreshing agent. If you feel your spirit depressed, headache, dizzy and flue etc. symptoms, you may consider the possibility of intoxication.


How to choose the healthy products

First, you have to observe the material. The quality of materials has direct relation with the quality of products. Some small industries use unqualified materials for the sake of saving the cost. Therefore, you should try to buy the products which made by the large companies.

Second, you have to take the safety aspect into consideration, especially for the families with kids. You should try not to use the products with harmful chemical substances. And for the furniture, you should avoid those with unqualified glues.

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