How Can I Get A Guy To Notice Me?

It can be as tough as pulling teeth to get a guy to notice you. How can you get a guy to like you? The old act of playing games doesn’t work for every man. We’ve got a few ways to catch his attention and reel him in.

Stay Off Your Phone

It’s normal to be nervous staring down at your phone. The problem is that you could be missing out on a really great conversation with a real person. Whether you’re in an elevator, waiting for a table or standing in line at the grocery store, look up. Guys are probably doing the same thing as you. He probably enjoys a woman that isn’t taking selfies while waiting for a drink.

Smile Big

Resting bitch face is a real thing. You don’t want men to think you’re always in a bad mood. Give a smile. Find things around you that make you happy so it’s easier to look natural with that smile. Men will take notice of the woman with a constant smile that seems joyous to just be wherever she is at the time.

Say Thank You

Men respect women that forget to thank them. They want you to notice the things they do for you. Even a very confident man wants to feel noticed just as much as you do. You can thank him via text or
in person. If he buys you a drink, make sure you sound grateful for the gesture.

Be Yourself

It’s important not to put on a show. Life is different in real life than social media life. Don’t pout on a fake show or he won’t even know the real you. Trying to be someone else just leads to letdown in the end. Be weird. Have fun. Just be.

Dress For Him

Guys are clueless about fashion. When you dress trendy for your girlfriends, they’re totally lost. It’s usually best to go for classic attire. Choose something comfortable, yet cute so you feel great and they don’t feel confused.

Don’t Hide

When you’re in public, don’t hide. It can be difficult to find something to occupy your time so it isn’t awkward, but it’s worse to hide in the corner. You can join group conversations. You can chill at the bar sipping a drink. Guys will notice the person roaming around instead of hiding behind a plant.

Make Him Feel Needed

It’s a bit stereotypical, but many men like to feel like you need them. Ask for his advice or ask him to help you do something physical. Make him feel like you truly need his input. He’ll feel needed and appreciated for his skills. Sure, you probably know the answers and can move things yourself, but let your guard down every once in a while.

Avoid The Obvious

Guys don’t really care about big names or brands. If he says he likes your shirt, don’t tell him the brand. You might sound materialistic. He probably just likes the shirt and could care less about the brand. He might not know about your obsession with certain reality stars, and he probably has no idea who they are. Keep them out of the conversation or you’ll lose his interest. Guys don’t usually care about material things.

Don’t Go Out In A Group

The last thing you want is to get lost in a group of girlfriends. Stand out by going out with only a few friends. Single yourself out. Get eye contact with a guy you’re interested in. Help him see you’re looking at him instead of being totally engulfed by your group. He needs to know you’re interested in something else besides a Girls Night Out.

Have Fun

Guys love a person that just has a great personality. If you’re laughing and enjoying yourself, you’ll bring those around you into the fun. You might be nervous, but relax a little and let him see that fun side of you. Whether you’re an established professional, an international student, a socialite or mom, the general rules apply to every woman when it comes to getting a guy to notice you.

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