How To Achieve The Rustic Look For Your Home

Rustic homes are still as popular as ever, despite the rise of minimal interiors. It’s a warm, natural look, inspired by country living and the great outdoors. And, no matter what sort of property you live in, it’s easier to achieve than you might think.


In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal some simple tips for creating the rustic vibe in your home. Read on to find out more, and feel free to offer your thoughts and advice when you are done!

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Expose your walls

First of all, if you can expose your walls, why not give it a try? Brickwork can look fantastic although you will need to make sure it is sealed and treated so you don’t lose heat in the winter. Wood is also an excellent finish for your walls – it gives off the look of a log cabin in the mountains. If you live in a new build home, there are alternatives, of course. Wood panelling fits onto your walls easily enough, and it is of much higher quality these days than it was a decade ago.


Countrify your floors

You have two options here – neither of which involves carpets. If you want the ultimate rustic look, think about going for natural stone tiles. Underfloor heating can help keep them warm during the winter, and there is a huge range of options out there. Marble, travertine, and stained terracotta tiles are all popular.


Choose your colours wisely

When you are thinking about decor and furniture, look for natural colours. Greens, tans, and wood brown hues are all going to make your home feel a little more rustic. Think of the tones and shades you see when you go for a walk in a forest. Use stronger colours to highlight your home – there is nothing more rustic than a gingham tablecloth, for example. Not only will your home have a more country look, but it will also feel warmer and cosier.


Stick to wooden furniture

The great thing about going for the rustic look is that you can get away with a mix and match approach to furniture. Old and new pieces alike can create stunning effects. Wooden furniture is best for the country home, and it will age well with both you and your home. Think about mahogany for darker rooms, or take a look at some new ideas for working with Pine if you prefer the lighter wood look.


Focus your lighting

Light is vital to finish off your rustic look. Again, it’s important to go for earthy designs for lampshades, which will fit into the rest of the decor. Dot plenty of old-fashioned lamps around the place – but don’t be uniform with your choices. In fact, the more variety you have when it comes to lights, the more rustic it will look.


OK, so that’s all I have time for right now. I hope you have enjoyed this guide to getting the rustic look for your home. Check out my other posts for more home design inspiration.

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