How to Keep my Child’s Teeth Healthy

It is very exciting for many parents when the first teeth appear for their kids. Every milestone, though, comes with responsibilities. It is tough for many parents to judge when their children need a dental check. It is crystal clear for them that they need to prevent cavities but they do not know the best time to visit a dentist. For dental emergencies in Bordentown, Academy dental is a great facility where you can take your child from as young as six months for dental checks.

Children born of parents who have dental problems like tooth sensitivities and cavities are more likely to have dental problems as compared to those born from healthy parents. Here are some tips for a healthy dental life for your kids.

Baby teeth are very sensitive to cavities. This is because they have thinner enamel than that of an adult. This factor leads to baby teeth becoming more prone to cavities. Cavities are infectious and can even spread and cause infections to adult teeth developing underneath the baby teeth.  Even before the first teeth of your child appear, make it a habit to care for your child’s teeth, use a damp cloth to wipe the gum before the child sleeps. As soon as the first teeth appear visit a dentist who will walk you through the journey from teething to development of adult teeth. Visiting a dentist is very important as they will advise you on proper care for the milk teeth and  when to expect the next teeth to appear as the baby teeth fall out.

Giving your child a lot of water helps prevent cavities.  Unlike other drinks, water is the healthiest. When a child’s body is hydrated, healthy nutrients will be distributed to the body as well as getting rid of waste. Drinking fluoridated water helps your child teeth to stay healthy.

Your doctor can advise you to use dental sealants. They are very effective, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Sealants are mostly recommended for children from low-income families who are less likely to receive dental care.

Giving your child a well-balanced diet helps in the growth and development of strong and healthy teeth.  Good teeth are very essential in a child’s life; they help in chewing, speaking, and having a good smile. Sugars, whether natural or artificial, can be harmful to your child’s teeth.  These sugars can lead to tooth decay and should be eaten sparingly. Drinking lots of water and practicing good oral hygiene with your child will help keep their teeth strong and healthy.

As your child grows, plans to visit a dental clinic regularly should be in place. The facility you visit should have modern equipment and staff who are equipped with the new technologies in the dental unit. Such facilities and services can be found at Academy Dental in Bordentown. As such, take your child here and they will forever be grateful to you.

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