How to Layout your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, there’s a right and wrong way to lay it out. Find out all you need to know about kitchen design layout, below.

Unless you’re a seasoned interior design pro, we would always recommend enlisting a kitchen design expert to assist you in your re-design. Why? Because they’re the experts. Plus, we’ve seen some horrific kitchen design layout disasters, which we’d rather not speak of…

One thing that not everyone has the eye and brain for is layout. Yes, laying out your new kitchen is a foot of mathematical, creative and logical methodology – it’s not for everyone. We’ve spoken to leading kitchen designer, Roman Kitchens (based in Essex) about the best ways to lay out a kitchen.

They’ve told us that there are many different ways to layout a kitchen around the home. Specifically, we’re going to be talking about the 6 different ways to do so – as per the instruction of the experts. So, without further ado, here’s how to layout your kitchen – in 6 different ways.

1. L-Shaped

Let’s start with L-Shaped Kitchens. These kitchens are laid out, you guessed it, like an L shape. It’s an excellent way to utilise a corner of a room as the actual kitchen space. You’ll be able to have your oven, cupboards and other fittings, spanning across 2 sides of the room. This leaves a large space in the middle for dining tables or even other comforts. It’s a great layout option for smaller homes, as it maximises the floor space opposite the kitchen.

2. U-Shaped

Do you feel the need…? The need for storage? Well, if you’re a fan of putting everything away in the kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen may be best for you. Laid out as, yes, it’s obvious, a U, this kitchen is set against three walls of the room. This particular design ensures that you have a functional working triangle in the home. Your sink, hob and fridge are all within close proximity to each other, making food preparation flow a lot more easily. For functional working space and loads of storage, a U-shaped kitchen may be a dream come true for you.

3. Single Wall

For those that value room space over storage space, the Single wall kitchen is a classy and sophisticated solution to your design needs. Laid out against a single wall, this kitchen favours room space over functionality. It’s great for those that love to cook and entertain, as your guests can be sitting in the same room. For larger homes, it’s the perfect way to open up the space, and really blur the lines between kitchen and dining. And for smaller ones? It allows you to save space by putting all your necessities along a single wall.

kitchen layout

4. Gallery

For those with less space in the home, there’s gallery kitchens. This type of kitchen runs along 2 walls, creating a tunnel affect through the space. The single walk way and double surface kitchen means you can turn and work efficiently in the kitchen. Again, all of your essentials (fridge, sink and hobs) are within a functional working triangle – which means food prep is streamlined. It’s the favourite of many celebrity chefs, as the functionality of it is unrivalled. So, for the real foodies amongst you, that love to cook, this layout may be ideal for you.

5. Kitchen Island

The kitchen island layout is can be paired with most of the other layouts. All it does, is add an island unit to your kitchen. This gives you more working space, as well as more storage space. It’s ideal for those with larger homes and can be paired with L and U-Shaped layouts, as well as gallery kitchens (if you have the space and don’t mind walking around each end of the unit). If you’ve got a large space available and fancy mixing two designs together, consider adding a kitchen island to your new kitchen design plans.

6. Peninsula

Finally, we have one last design that, again, is the pairing of two layouts. Peninsula kitchens can provide both L and U-Shaped kitchens (in smaller homes) with a more sociable and open space, without sacrificing on the layout. By this, we mean you don’t have to take away from additional room space in order to achieve this layout. It allows smaller homes to utilise an island unit, without sacrificing on floor space. This can be turned into a breakfast bar or an informal dining area. The choice is yours! For smaller homes, that crave an island unit, consider a Peninsula layout for your home.

Whatever the space you have in your home, there’s a kitchen design layout that works for you. Whether you’re a fan of function or of space, it doesn’t matter. Using one of the designs above, best suited to you, you can achieve the right space for your new kitchen.

All information on kitchen design layout has been provided by Roman Kitchens.

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