How to Style your Kitchen

Looking for tips on how to make your kitchen more stylish? Look no further! We’ve got some handy kitchen styling ideas to help elevate the style of your space.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. For many, it’s the hub where we meet, chat, gather and work. It’s a space where your family and guests can assemble. Whilst everyone loves their kitchen to look new and fresh, the luxury of completely overhauling design isn’t something we can do every time we fancy a change…

You may have loads of wonderful kitchen design ideas bouncing around in your head, but if you’re not able to re-do your whole kitchen it may be a little annoying. However, there is a way to make your room feel fresh, without ripping it out and starting from square one. Yes, we’ve got 10 tips on how to style your kitchen, to keep it looking fresh. You’ll see how to style your kitchen to make it feel like brand new! Here’s our list.

Kitchen Design Tips

1. Clear the Clutter

When it’s time to overhaul the look of your kitchen, the first and only step you should start with is clear the clutter! You need to get rid of everything, and we mean everything, from your countertops and open shelves, in order to approach the styling with a fresh head. You’ll see the potential of your kitchen space, and minimal is always better. Clutter can build up over time, without you noticing, so it’s a great way to start styling your new kitchen. Make sure you clear the clutter away, to make way for styling.

2. Jars and Containers

A great way to free up some cupboard space, as well as style your kitchen, is to start thinking about placing snacks and other ingredients into jars and containers. This can elevate the style of your home and make everything look a little neater too. You can keep flour, snacks, tea, coffee, and more in containers on your counters. It helps your kitchen stay stylish and remain functional, whilst moving those unnecessary bags of flour and more from your cupboards.

3. Feature Chopping Boards

If you want to create a back-splash effect behind your stove or even your counter tops, you can include chopping boards. Now, we don’t mean plastic ones, but beautiful wooden or slate ones, that really make an impact. It will help fill out the space around your kitchen, in a stylish and uncluttered way.

4. Display Cookbooks

One thing that makes functional sense, if you’re a cooking enthusiast, is displaying your best-looking cook books on your counter. Aside from the benefit of having them close by when you need to reference from them, it’s an added stylish feature. Find some stylish book ends to keep them in place.

5. Utensil Pot

Another one for functionality, and style depending on the pot you choose. Keeping a utensil pot next to your hobs is key, so you’ve got easy access and can help style the space around your oven. There are loads of great pots out there, so find one that suits your kitchen and your tastes.

cooking utensils

6. Cooking Essentials

To style the space around your hob even further, you should try and include the essentials in attractive containers. Everyday cooking essentials like oil, seasoning and even herbs – keeping them in an organised way by your hob can make your home look stylish and more functional for yourself. It’s win-win.

7. Plants

One thing that can help breathe some life into your kitchen is including flowers and plants. It helps bring the outside in and make your home more beautiful. The plants can be herbs, greenery or even flowers – which can be changed depending on the season. Plants help oxygenate a room too, which is great in the kitchen! Include plants in your new kitchen style – remember to water them too!

8. Keep everything Contained

Like we’ve mentioned above, things should be kept in functional and stylish containers. This goes beyond ingredients and snacks, to scrubbing brushes and sponges for the washing up. Because it makes sense for everything to be kept in something that is more appealing than leaving a soggy sponge lying on the side…

9. Tea Towels

A simple way to elevate the style of your kitchen is to drape a stylish tea towel from the over or sink. It’s a nice touch, and means you have a towel on hand when you need one! You’ll thank us when you’re looking for something to dry your hands…

10. Fruits Bowls and Flowers

This one especially works for those with island units, but if done in a menial fashion can work for counters or even kitchen dining tables. Fruit bowls and flower vases help create an eye-catching feature, to accent one part of your kitchen and, well, draw the eye. It’s a focal point and makes your home look effortlessly stylish.

That’s all our tips! If you’re looking to give your kitchen a new style, follow these simple tips to make it so. Elevate the style of your space without spending a fortune on a remodel.

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