How to Treat Acne Effectively

Acne is a condition mainly resulting from the lingering scars of adolescence. Although this condition usually hits teenagers, adults are not exempt. You may have unsuccessfully tried several over-the-counter products to defeat acne, but it’s time to try a more effective treatment from the experts. Sofia Din, MD, is one of Yonkers’s acne treatment specialists and can offer you various acne treatment options.

Dr. Din leads a team of aesthetic specialists at Juvanni MedSpa and can help you control your acne, avoid scarring, or make scars less noticeable. This can be done through antibiotics or hormone therapies, including laser treatment, microdermabrasion, and microneedling. The treatments are recommended depending on several factors such as age, type of acne, and your willingness to commit.

Laser Treatment

This is one of the most advanced technological procedures that can successfully reduce acne’s appearance, treat uneven skin tone and texture, alongside other aesthetic conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines.

It involves directing intense, controlled energy into the treatment area in pulses to penetrate your collagens and elastin, stimulating your body’s natural healing potential.  This can result in the restoration of the skin’s structure, flexibility, and strength. The energy also produces heat that shrinks the sebaceous glands responsible for producing oil in the skin and destroys acne-causing bacteria.


This is a procedure aimed at easing the appearance of the acne scars. It involves using high technology such as Aquagold® and Fine Touch™ to create micro-channels in series that stimulate the production of collagen.


It is a procedure that involves skin exfoliation using a stream of tiny crystals and requires highly skilled personnel to perform. When removing the skin’s outermost layer, it fades away with most of the complaints, including acne scars, age spots, crow’s feet, and fine lines.

This procedure’s advantage is that you can reveal a fresh, glowing skin within 30 to 60 minutes of treatment. There is no downtime.

Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Treating acne can require a combined approach, including some self-care techniques, which includes:

  • Avoiding irritants that can worsen acne, including greasy cosmetics, acne concealers, and sunscreen. Non-comedogenic products are instead recommended.
  • It would help to protect your skin from the sun to worsen the discoloration.
  • Avoid touching or picking acne-prone areas to prevent infection and scarring.
  • Avoiding friction and pressure on your skin.
  • Try over-the-counter acne products that can dry excess oil, promoting peeling, which helps control acne. However, always check with the specialist to verify some of the products that you use.

One crucial thing that you should note when trying self-help remedies is that your skin can adapt to most products, and therefore the outcomes can be disappointing. However, with someone to coach you and take you through the process, you can enjoy better results.

Factors that can contribute to acne include friction, sweating, stress, heredity, resistant infections, diet, hormones, environmental agents such as greases and solvents, and a change in oil secretion rate. However, to better understand what could be causing your acne, you need to contact Dr. Din, who can diagnose you to unveil the cause.

The specialists at Juvanni MedSpa can give you the support you need to achieve acne-free skin. It is, therefore, not necessary to stay embarrassed by a condition you can conquer. Please begin your acne-free journey by booking an appointment at Juvanni MedSpa today.

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