Improve Or Move? What Should You Do?

Most of us have a clear idea of what our dream home looks like. And we all have plenty of ideas on how to improve the one we’re in, to inch a little close to that dream. But at what point do you need to say enough is enough? When is it time to move house rather than keep trying to change your current home into something else? It’s always going to be a tough choice to leave the property you have worked so hard on, but sometimes you need to move on.



If you choose to stay, you need to know that you can still achieve the things that are essential to your lifestyle. If you have a new baby on the way, do you really have the room for them? Creating extra bedrooms usually require extensions out into the yard, or a conversion of a loft space. Reconfiguring the property to fit everybody in can be tough to do. Before you start, find out if your property will be worth more for the work.

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If you can increase the value of your property by making the changes you desire, then it’s a good idea to stay. Be wary, though. Many properties have a ceiling price based on their geographic location or construction type. When you’re investing thousands of dollars into your home, you need to know you can reap that back one day.


Moving On

Chances are you’ve been developing your house because it is cheaper than buying another. Creating an extra bedroom is often cheaper than the difference between a house with three bedrooms and one with four. But sometimes, it is quicker and easier to make the move. And there could be far less stress involved if you don’t have to call in the builders!

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Of course, it can be very difficult to find the house of your dreams within your budget. When you have a property in mind, it’s not easy to sacrifice what you want. Building your own house to your own bespoke design could be the solution. When you have a look at Monogram Homes, you’ll see that there are firms out there that want to build your design. You really could have everything you want.


Think of all the little details you’ve dreamed of having, like a balcony, or a south-facing garden. If you design your home and commission an architect and builder to create it for you, it may even work out cheaper than trying to buy something similar. It may take a little longer, but you could finally be realizing your dream.

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Improving the home you’ve come to love over the years is always good fun. But there will always be limitations. Most families outgrow the home they’re in over time. And when the kids have flown the nest, you may prefer something completely different and more manageable. Whether you build, buy, or improve you want to know you’ll be happy in your home. Always consider the financial benefits of your choices. There may even be a profit in it for you.


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