Inner City Activity Initiative A Huge Success

North London Really Is A Great Place To Live

Young people are once again being given the opportunity to gain new skills and have fun this summer.

Islington is one of the most vibrant and exciting parts of London, and its residents are able to take advantage of many different local resources and activities. In particular, the young people in the area benefit, especially when it comes to schemes like Summerversity. This activity initiative is making a hugely anticipated return in 2017, and young people will be able to learn something new and have fun with their friends. The best thing? Just like last year, all the activities and opportunities at Summerversity are completely free. So anyone can come along and join in!

Who can take part?

First things first, who is eligible to take part in the activities offered by the Summerversity scheme? Any child aged between 13 and 16 who goes to school in Islington can sign up for the activities of their choice – and really, there couldn’t be a better time in a person’s life to learn something new. Those teenage years are when a young person is just really starting to develop their interests, as well as take those first tentative steps towards independence. Taking part in in this inner city activity scheme will help them to gain confidence in their own abilities, and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone.

A wide range of activities

So what kinds of activities are available for these local young adults to take part in? Well, there’s something for everyone! Budding technological innovators can get up close and personal with cutting edge tech such as 3D printing and virtual reality, and try their hand at coding too. More creatively minded children can learn how to upcycle the clothes in their wardrobe in a fashion design workshop, or learn all about street art and graffiti. There’s also a chance for kids to pick up really valuable life skills too. Youngsters can attend a First Aid course, and even a class on how to set up their own business. So they’ll be able to have fun and learn at the same time. It’s every parent’s dream!

A great place to set up home

Islington is a borough that really invests in the people that live there. By hosting events like Summervesity, they’re giving young people the chance to succeed. In the near future, expect to see the next wave of talented Londoners to come from this part of the capital! It’s this along with other great community schemes that make Islington and neighbouring boroughs such as Haringey such a wonderful place to live. If you’re interested in moving close to the area, be sure to check out the listings at a Finsbury Park letting agents like Stadium Residential. They’ll have a great selection of properties for you to look at.

An initiative other Boroughs should copy

London deserves its reputation as a city that nurtures talent, and schemes like this show that children growing up in the capital are being equipped with skills that have the potential to take them far in life. It can only be hoped that other London boroughs see just how successful the Summerversity programme has been, and come up with ones of their own!

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