Interior Design Trends for 2013

7192172846_6ef9d5ff5bIf you’re thinking of redecorating this year, there are some great trends from which you can draw inspiration. From modern graphic prints to retro, dramatic and antique, there’s something for every taste this season.


Retro Botanicals

Patterns and graphics inspired by plants and designed with a nod to the 1950’s have been trending for the last few years. The great thing about the botanicals trend is that there’s so much scope for variation within this theme. If you’ve got a small space you can go subtle or you could make a feature wall with a huge graphic art print if you’ve got more room. This trend looks set to hang around for a long time so your new interior won’t look dated-after all, it’s already retro!


Graphic prints

They’ve been on the catwalks and now they’re on the walls. Advancements in technology have made it possible to create stunning images that can be printed on textiles and wallpaper. The key to this trend is drama. Make it a feature in your room, whether it’s by using furniture upholstered with graphic prints or a feature wall design.


Vintage and antique

Forget buying new furniture, head down to the local flea market and snap up a bargain. Traditional, homely furnishings are very desirable this season and you’re sure to find some really unique pieces on the market at reasonable prices. To complete the traditional interior design image, have a look at Sofa Sofa who have a great range of classic sofas that fit this style perfectly. Shabby chic is also still a very current interior design look. To get the essence of shabby chic in your home, get your hands on some old bits of furniture and repaint them before going back over with some sandpaper to create a scuffed, worn look. Another great tip is to take old chairs and re-upholster them to create a striking new meets old style blend.



There’s a definite theatre inspired trend in this season’s interior design. Marble busts, cut glass and shiny brass all capture this look. To create drama within a room, try and make a focal point. Perhaps invest in a cut glass vase or a marble statue which will set off the rest of your interior dramatically. Furniture can also be used to create a dramatic centre to a room. Sofa Sofa have sofas in a wide range of colours and styles, from the demure to the dramatic, which will create the perfect centre point to any room.



Simplicity and raw surfaces, unvarnished wood and rough textures are all features in this season’s interior design. Go for light, pale woods like beech, oak and birch with no varnish, paint or embellishments to capture this raw look. Another new interior design trend is the ‘living wall’ which is essentially when you grow plants on a vertical surface to create a wall of greenery. It’s a perfect way to get nature into your home in a very artistic way and for those who lack the space for a garden; this is an excellent opportunity to fill that void.


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Lisa Duncan is home interior stylist who works closely with advising on the latest home designs.

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