Keane In the Air and On The Ground

Keane: In the Air and On The Ground

The guys describe all the songs they heard in the last 48 hours

Keane recently flew to Manhattan for a series of interviews. During our chat, we squeezed ’em for a songlist that accounts for several of the recent tunes to hit their ears, whether they were listened to in planes, cabs, hotel rooms, clubs, or record stores. Here’s a group that adores music. Singer Tom Chaplin, drummer Richard Hughes, and pianist Tim Rice-Oxley were fully animated when discussing the tracks below.

  1. Sigur Ros “Hoppipolla”

Tim: I always listen to Siguer Ros and bands like that on planes during take off. It’s their most accessible single so far, which I think is taking them out to a wider audience, and which I think is well deserved. They’re a great band.

  1. The Strokes “New York City Cops”

Tom: Flying to New York makes us think of the Strokes.

Tim: We did a little tour of the bars of Soho when we touched down; there were some good little indie soundtracks going on there. It’s quite hard because as English people you sort of wander around New York and as soon as you see any kind of officer of the law you immediately start singing “New York City Cops.” It’s one of my favorites.

  1. Oasis “Supersonic”

Tom: I don’t think I’ve listened to Definitely Maybe for f*cking ages, but suddenly I heard “Supersonic” coming over the system and I thought, “Jesus, what a great song; that’s what they were like, not the pale imitation of themselves that they are now. It was great to be thrown back ten years.

  1. Green Day “American Idiot”

Richard: On the plane I had my iPod on shuffle and I was dozing. Apparently I had heard 30 songs, but this is the one that woke me up – one of my favorite songs of the last decade. It’s amazing to see American rock given a real shot in the arm by that record. I bumped into Tre Cool at one of the Grammy after parties and I was really quite drunk and I told him how much I loved the record. He’s got this huge quaff thing on the front of his head – it was really loud where we were and he was sort of leaning into me to talk and it was sort of tickling my forehead.

  1. M.I.A. “Pull Up the People”

Tim: One of my favorite kind of thumping tracks. I really thought it was a revelation, and a big inspiration while we were writing our new record. Obviously our record doesn’t’ sound particularly like M.IA., but you steal ideas here and there – Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode – and it all adds up to something different. This tune is such a great announcement of her as a new artist and it’s incredibly funky and always gets things jumping.

  1. The Beatles “Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

Tom: In terms of sound and lyrics and a melody John Lennon is kind of the master of creating a kind of atmosphere, a world unto itself. It’s mad that he was simply able to watch TV or read the newspaper or look at a poster on his wall and come up with a song. This is a brilliant song that takes you right there, iconic in terms of how the Beatles were able to do that sort of thing.

  1. The Kinks “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”

Tom: The Kinks are great at putting you in a time and place, too. They’re quite good at that one. Any of those songs when you’re in swinging sixties London, wandering down Carnaby Street. Definitely an evocative band. Good storytellers.

  1. David Bowie “Sound + Vision”

Tim: I always listen to Bowie’s Low on night flights; it’s a dark masterpiece of taking off into weird territories. You’re half awake and half asleep and you’re listening to songs like “Art Decade.” Gorgeous. “Sound + Vision” is a wicked track and it was one of the first Bowie songs I ever listened to and it really alerted me to his brilliance.

  1. The Wannadies “Hit”

Richard: About 10 years too late I’m becoming a massive fan of the Wannadies, this Swedish pop band. The songwriter, Par, has melodies running through his veins. They have this amazing skill of writing two and a half minute pop songs – which seems to be a lost art. The Smiths were really good at that, too.

  1. The Go! Team “Lady Flash”

Tim: We recorded in New York and I ran out to Tower Records and got a bunch of stuff. Have you heard this group? Fantastic band. They live close to us and close to where I grew up. We saw them play in London recently. It gives me sunny memories of being two years old. I think “Ladyflash” is the best track on that record.

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