Liven That Up: 10 Design Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Awesome

As what the name implies, the living room is an important space in your home because it is where the most fun and relaxing part of family life happens. For instance, it is where family chitchats, movie marathon, or food tripping occur. Thus it is essential to making your living room makeover right.

In making your living room renovation, you must stick to the goal of not only creating an awesome living space but also in making it more versatile. A typical living room has plenty of seating arrangement. There are the couch and a couple of chairs, of course. But making a living room that works on almost any occasion takes more than sofa and chairs.

You also need to have a coffee table, bookshelves, and other pieces of furniture and accessories complementing each other to make the living room complete. For you to achieve this, here are some design tips that will help you in making your living room look awesome.

Treat the Walls with Nice Wall Coverings

You should provide your living room with a more elaborate and formal treatment than the other areas in your home because it is the first room that will get noticed first. For it to become a welcoming space, you should let your personality show to the walls by choosing wall coverings that reflect your style.

Go for a Stylish, Cozy Flooring

Getting in synch with the purpose of the purpose of the living room as a place to unwind and relax, you should choose a floor covering that creates comfort to the feet and accentuates the design statement as well.

For instance, you can have on the floor a vibrant carpet that creates the excellent combination of florals and stripes. But if you want a simple look of the floor, pick out solid, neutral flooring that drives the eye of the beholder to a piece of furniture or artwork.

The popular choices for living room floors are area rugs, but you can also opt for stone tile, ceramic tile, or a full carpeting too.

Architectural Trimwork for an Extra Character

For sure, architectural trim work makes way for practicality. For example, it covers the seams where ceiling and floors meet walls, and it supports a particular structure around openings. Aside from the practical purpose, an architectural trim work can also have aesthetic purposes.

The architectural trim work gives your living room a distinctive look, whether it is contemporary, classical, old-world, or insular. A deep cornice, projecting lintels above the windows and doors, and a paneled vaulted ceiling will give your living space a sense of character.

Create the Mood with Colors

Do you want to set the mood in your living room? Well, blending and mixing colors in your living room design is sure to affect how your guests will feel every time they are in it. Colors can make a living space relaxing and vibrant, depending on how creative you are in making the design.

For example, a serene combination of white and soft blue will make your living space more cool, tranquil, and calm, making an appropriate setting for family gatherings. Plus, a soft, brown carpet underfoot will complement the serene tones in balance, as well as provide warmth to the feet.

Don’t Forget Focal Point

Creating a focal point accentuates your living room and helps to draw anyone into that space. For example, a fireplace is an excellent focal point. It creates warmth and also symbolizes the home. But, in modern living rooms, the center of attraction is the entertainment area where you place your television.

Make Way for a Reading Nook

Create a quiet place in your living room for your reading hobbies. Make sure to have a cozy, upholstered chair near a window or next to a bookshelf and do not forget to have an adequate lighting for evening readings.

Display Art and Collections

Living room walls will get vibrant when you accessorize it with artwork or photographs that you love. For an ultimate impact, group the items and hang them low enough around furniture pieces. The one great mistake in hanging artworks or pictures is raising them too high above the wall.

Arrange the Furniture for Function

Your living room is a space for gathering. So, always see to it that you arrange your living room furniture to promote interaction and conversation. Avoid placing your seating pieces near the walls, and set them up to face each other.

In a big living room, you can arrange those seating pieces into two conversational groups to achieve the ambiance of a more comfortable, intimate space. Also, set your ottomans and chairs for each group to expand the circle while still keeping the intimacy.  For stylish and high-quality chairs and ottomans, you can look at furniture sites like Focus on Furniture.

Install an Attractive Lighting

The living room lighting should have the purpose of creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Go for layers of light and arrange these light sources into a triangle formation to allow an excellent distribution of illumination. Choose table lamps that have downward illumination to draw people into it to sit down and relax.

Hang Some Curtains

Yes, it is true that hanging heavy window curtains is old-school, but your living should be a space for sophistication and luxury if you like it. Hence, do not forget to hang a combination of dark red and creamy-colored window treatments for elegance.

Elegance originates from the excellent use of fabric of your curtains. Do not mistake it for being fancy, but the waving ends and thick folds express luxury. Also, the shades block the light and onlookers for your precious privacy.


The living room is an important room in your home. It is in this space where you get to spend your family bonding and precious moments. Hence, you need to make it a beautiful and functional space to make those moments extra special. Follow the tips in the article, and surely you’ll have a blast in decorating and keeping your living room clean and tidy.

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