Mold : A Deadly Unseen Guest In Our Home

The unpleasant appearance of mold and fungi just makes our days really gloomy, most people if given the opportunity, would  prefer a house, an apartment or a home free from the invasion of mold. Well, a mold free house is very possible, you just need to know where to look  for them and prevent those places from accumulating molds.

Molds can be seen on rafters and floor joists. Ceiling tiles can really be infected by mold without anyone noticing. Painted walls on the other can look pretty at first, but then infected by the presence of mold, the may not look as pretty by then

The solution to having your home free of molds, is first and foremost,  know  the various types  of molds  out there. There are different kinds of molds and some can be more dangerous than others. If you ignore the appearance of the mold it could turn out to be the worst.

The worst kind of mold is the black mold. Black mold is greenish-black in color with a slimy appearance. This kind of mold can cause numerous health problems. I guess taking action by getting a mold removal  is the way to go.

Common guys, the presence  of a mold  in your house is something you can avoid; you can save a lot on your medical bills, you don’t want to work their whole life just trying to pay off their hospital bills. These bills can be truly avoided, just invest in a mold removal.

Mold Removal

There are mold removal qualified professionals that can come and help find out if your apartments or home is mold free. These professionals have all the equipment to view the microscopic mold. It is fascinating what the little ugly looking fungi can do.

Mold removal professionals can:

  • Test to see what kind of mold it is and how much the mold grew.
  • Help remove the mold using the advanced technology of mold removal.
  • Create a mold removal and  customized remediation plan
  • Inhibit the humidity and moisture that is responsible for the growth of the mold
  • Seal off moisture source and dehumidification of the area

A  Life Saved

A friend of mine in college  developed a respiratory problem early this year, her condition continued to deteriorate from March  all the way until November. Her parents were more concerned with her doctor’s appointment, getting her medications and praying she gets better. They never paused  for a second to think about how this might have happened.

Prior to Rachel’s respiratory  problem, there was a storm that hit her city in Hawaii. Everyone suspected that her illness must have been related to the storm.But could not identify the link.

It wasn’t until a nurse visited the Packer’s home  to administer Rachel’s medication that she noticed the appearance of black molds in the house. The house had always been fresh and clean but after the storm it felt more humid and moldy giving way for molds to grow quickly.

The mold removal service immediately came to the rescue ,took care of the mold and the house was back being safe again. My friend started her recovery process and within 3 days, she was feeling better, thanks to the Mold removal company a  life was saved.

Gloria Kajo writes for the disaster restoration industry, she enjoys using her articles to inform people on  how to stay safe around their homes.

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