Outdoor Renovations that Add Value

Improving the value of your home can be a daunting task, whether it is a professional or DIY project. Any landscaping or redesign is challenging; you may have a limited budget, it can be a complete DIY project, or you are simply overwhelmed with choices.

Despite the challenges, enhancing your outdoor area allows it to be a reflection of your unique and individual style.Designing an outdoor area isn’t as challenging as you thought, especially, if you follow these easy tips making the process simple and enjoyable.


The first and most important tip is to plan. Establish a clear idea of what you want to include and the style of the area. Looking at pictures on the web can give you an idea of what you like and what doesn’t work.

It’s important to also understand your limitations, either in spacing or budget. A great outdoor area works to the space you have, rather than the space you wish you had. After creating a plan it’s important to budget, this gives you an idea of not only the overall cost but also help prioritize what you want to include.

Get started by creating a wishlist of projects you want to achieve, give each of them a deadline and a budget. Round the estimate cost up, so when you get quotes you won’t be alarmed. If the synthetic lawn is going to actually cost you $1500, round up to $1800.



Starting the project can be the most challenging part. A great tip is to create a focal point which becomes the main attraction of the space.

Focal points can be anything such as a touch of color through feature walls or vertical gardens (for smaller spaces). Water features and fire pits can draw guests gaze and often is the hub of the backyard area. Focal points can be functional, such as an outdoor entertaining space, but it’s important this space is practical and within your budget.

Outdoor areas have gone beyond your everyday gardening; they have become an expansion of our home and living area. Through utilizing your outdoor space, you can expand your living and entertaining options.

Protected or roofed areas provides a functional space to entertain and can maximize a space while adding value to your property.There is a large variety of styles and designs of patios or protected structures, so it’s important you find one that complements the style and space of the home.



First impressions are everything and get often left behind when renovating. The streets cape of a property will determine the value of the whole property. You could have a spectacular backyard, vogue styled interior but if your entryway doesn’t match, it’s all for nothing. Ensure that the styling for the front is cohesive, clean and not all over the place. The easiest way to do this is by selecting a colour palette. What colour is the door, are the plants, paving, decking or hedge work complementary or contrasting?



Sounds like a no-brainer, but often gets left behind. A deck is just extra space in the backyard. A deck can transform the backyard into a relaxing oasis which is a bonus in the eyes of buyers. Start by choosing the kind of decking that fits in with the overall style of your property.

Deck materials have come a long way since the 1800s, homeowners have more freedom to choose sustainable, long lasting, less expensive options that will outshine wood. Materials such as composites, bamboo, and even PVC are all wood alternatives.


Creating a low maintenance backyard will help boost the enjoyment you get out of using your backyard. Choosing native plants suited to your soil and climate will mean you spend less time watering, which is a great way to make your home eco-friendlier, and more relaxing.

The lawn is maintenance-intensive. Homeowners can minimize the amount of grass you have by using effective ground covers for heavily trafficked areas such as decking or paving. Make it even more low maintenance by choosing composite decking which is termite resistant and require little to no cleaning.  You can eliminate fertilizing, mowing, and any other tasks needed to keep your lawn healthy.



Equipping your roof with solar panels will see the value of your property to increase because of reason such as low energy bills in the long run. Other benefits of solar panels include the growing number in demands for sustainable houses and clean energy.

Its not just solar panels that can make your property green. Other factors that can make your house green are, fittings with high energy ratings such as showers and toilets with controlled water release. A hot water system that’s capped at say 100 L. Good insulation to control the temperature and energy efficient light bulbs. If you live in a place that sees substantial amounts of rain, opt in for a rain water tank. Most of these items will cost you at the start, so space them out evenly and reap the benefits of having delicious rain water and save on water bills.


All renovations are subject to where you live, if you have a home in Alaska, a place that sees 3 months of sunshine it might not be best to opt for solar panels. And opting for fake grass in places that see a lot of rain is also not ideal. Do your research, ensure everything you decide to do is in conjunction with the elements of your location.

Enhancing your outdoor area is a challenging task; however,these tips make it easy and enjoyable.  Remember always to plan, budget, and create a functional outdoor area that you’ll want to spend time enjoying rather than maintaining.

Renovation can add or kill the value of a property. Lucky for us, many have already done the best and worst for the rest to learn from. From what we have seen, for the outdoors, these are some great way to add value to your property.

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