The pain of finding a resale flat in Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is fondly called the city of joy and the cultural capital of India, is one of the busy industrial hubs and the capital of the Indian state of west Bengal. Sprawling over an area of 185km. sq. Kolkata is the 7th largest metropolitan city of India. The city of joy receives frequent movement of people in and out of the city, mostly due to its industries but also for its tourist attractions.

buy flat kolkotaPeople deciding to move to Kolkata, you must know a little Bengali, as it is the official language of the state and sometimes it becomes a little difficult to converse with the people out there. But finding a flat in Kolkata is not all that difficult. You just need to get in touch with the correct real estate agency or log on to real estate portals and your problem shall be solved in a jiffy.

If you are planning to buy a flat in Kolkata you should consider famous residential areas in the city that include, BallygungePhari, Bondel Road, Mayfair road area, fort oasis, Salt lake city, New town, Garia, Jessore Road, Madhyamgram, EM pass and many more. Make sure you choose a location close to your workplace, as travelling long distances can be avoided if one chooses the correct place to live in.

If you are looking for flats in Kolkata, you will find that the southern part of the city is the most favorable in meeting your needs. Areas in the Southern part of Kolkata are most preferred location for residences and are highly populated. The areas that come within South Kolkata are, Jodhpur Park, Allipore, Kalighat, Rash Behari Avenue, Bhawanipur, Golf Greens etc. The southern part is popular because it is flooded with facilities like metro and railway stations, educational institutions, lots of areas for entertainment and last but not least a lot of pilgrimage centers.

Kolkata is a beautiful combination of traditions with an essence of modernity in such a manner that fitting into the environment is very easy. The ‘glo-cal’ lifestyle trends, a mix of tradition with global trend, efficiently improving connectivity and state of the art infrastructure has made the city a heaven for new homeowners, the city hosts a number of builders and developers who are coming up with new projects, every day. When you think of buying a flat in Kolkata, there is platter of choices, ranging from simple one room house to independent villas. This variety makes it easier for people to choose.

In Kolkata the housing situation for people coming from outside in terms of variety and availability is far better than the other cities in India. The flats in the southern part of the city resemble international standards. The communities have high security systems and are equipped with various shared amenities some gated communities and buildings have shared swimming pools, though houses with pools are rare.

The flats in Kolkata are well equipped with power backup, which either the whole community shares or people have their own individual connections. There are no frequent power cuts and so the electricity situation is sorted to an extent. One negative aspect, if you may call it that, is that the houses are seldom furnished, though there are some furnished ones in the market, but they are rare. The well built houses, efficient connectivity and loads of job opportunities are a few reasons for the city’s popularity among people. Apart from that there are some interesting tourist places and finger licking food!

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