Practical Ways to Clean the Carpet

The spring is coming. We should take some proper time do the cleaning work again. Talking to cleaning, the first article should be cleaned and put them into storage cabinet is the carpet. Because of its high end and accent, it is loved by many families. However, it is not the same with the nursery wall decals, which is hard to clean. Here are some ways to clean and upkeep for it.

Practical Ways to Clean the Carpet

1. Dry facial tissue erases the stains

The stains caused by beverage such as coffee or juice should be cleaned by the dry cloth. Or get the facial tissue at the first time you can get to absorb the moister, then dip some vinegar on the dry cloth and pat it on the polluted part. In this way, the stains can be removed at the first time and it will not remain the residue on it.

2. Place mat at the furniture connecting part

Put a mat under the foot of the frequent move furniture can prolong its usage. Besides the covering to protect the wearing part, you may change the position for exchange. As the carpet is easy to gather dust, the best way for the upkeep of the advanced carpet is to absorb the dust along with the fur direction. In this way, the carpet is not easy to get dirty.

3. Scrub it with the vinegar

Add 4 cups vinegar in the 4L warm water and then twist the cloth dry to scrub the carpet. The vinegar not only can prevent the carper from discoloration or facade, but also can erase the offensive smell from the pets. When you clean the dust, you may scatter some salt on the carpet first, which is helpful to restrain the dust frying, for the salt can absorb the dust. Even for the smallest dust, it can be removed by you.

4. Ways to remove the coffee stains

First use dry cloth or facial tissue to absorb the moister. Then mix some wine and alcohol spraying on the stains. At last, pat it clean with the dry cloth. If you do not have wine in home, the vinegar has the same effect. In view of this, if there is residual wine, you may keep it for the cleaning. Besides the coffee, the foods stains which are easy to leave colors can use the same way to clean it.

5. Absorb the dust every week

If it is possible, tries to absorb the dust on the carpet for every week by the suction machine. Pay attention that if you use the vacuum cleaner, the last push should keep along with the fur direction. Meanwhile, do not use the tools with gear or rough material. If it has contrary direction fur, you may scrub it with the hot cloth and tease it to the right direction by the comb and iron it with hot cloth towards to the right direction.

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