Preventing and Removing Household Mold Naturally

Molds can pose great danger to the health and well-being of you and the people around you. Treating molds like hazardous material will help you understand just how malignant these types of fungi really are. There are several ways by which to combat these dreadful dwellers of the damp, but we are going to go through just about several of them, just to give you an idea about the basics behind natural mold removal and mold prevention techniques.

Treat your molds with naturally occurring substances

1. Stop molds from spreading using white vinegar

The acidic properties of vinegar are ideal of retarding mold growth, which is the first step towards completely eliminating mold from your life. The best way to dispense vinegar onto mold infested areas would be either by using a spray bottle, or a plastic container and a sponge. For the purpose of this exercise we will be using your garden variety spray bottle, for it provides a much more even application of the vinegar and it is much easier to handle. Fill your bottle with mild white vinegar; the same kind you would use for salad dressing. Spray a thin film of the stuff right on top of the moldy area in question. Let it sit like this for about an hour or so, while providing a good ventilation as to air out the vinegar. After this is all well and done, go over the vinegary surface with a moist towel or tissue paper, wiping it clean to the best of your abilities.

2. Remove molds using baking soda

No we are no baking a cake, although we will be baking our friend, the mold. We begin by mixing one cup of baking soda with one tablespoon of liquid soap. We add enough water to form a nice consistent pasty solution, which we can then transfer onto our infected surfaces. Arm yourself with a bristle and pair of all purpose latex gloves. Apply paste and scrub with the bristle. If the mold is not one of those persistent nasty molds, it should come right off; if not we still have a couple of tricks left for you to try.

3. Completely remove super-persistent molds using Borax

Borax, or sodium borate, is a natural insecticide and a preferred cleaning detergent because of its non-toxicity. This method would require a bucket filled with about a gallon of warm water. Pour one cup of Borax and stir until mixed. The solution can be then filled into a spray bottle and applied just as we did with the vinegar. You can use the same bristle from before, just rinse it a little to get the white paste off of there. Scrub, wash with water, let dry. Hopefully you would have gotten all off the mold out by now. Yet if all other natural methods have failed you, you would have to resort to using some more stronger materials.

Prevent future molds from resurfacing

Now that you have solved your mold problem, it is time to figure out how to prevent any future fungal infestation from forming and making you do all that work all over again. The reason mold forms in general, is because it finds a suitable environment in which to thrive. Destroy its habitat and you destroy the mold altogether. Fungi love to settle on damp, moist surfaces; often rich with essential for the fungus nutrients. That is why the bathroom is the first place they would go. Ventilating the bathroom after you have showered will cut their breeding-ground short, denying them the water on which they feed. Spraying vinegar and keeping your floor and wall surfaces relatively clean with prevent any fungi from eating their way through your home

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