How to Remove the Offensive Smell in the Wardrobe

It is unbearable if there are offensive smells in the wardrobe. For you have to cover your nose when taking the clothes. How to remove the annoying smell? Here are some practical ways to remove the smells.

how to remove the offensive smell in the wardrobe

Why has offensive smell?

First, one thing should point out that all the newly bought wardrobes have the paint smell. They are volatile substances. You can speed up the volatilization of the chemical substances in the air by opening the door of wardrobes.

If your wardrobe still has the offensive smell, it is possibly caused by over standards formaldehyde. That is to say, the board material is not qualified. For the inferior board material, the volatilization period is often 3 to 15 years. It seriously affects people’s health.


Ways to remove the offensive smell

Ways one, you may use the formaldehyde remove agent or the methyl alcohol agent to spray some in and outside of the wardrobe. Normally, the offensive smells can be removed in one week.

Ways two, you may put some vinegar in the wardrobe or use some orange peels to remove the smell. For the vinegar, it not only can remove the offensive smell, but also can disinfect and sterilize.

Ways three, you might open the door of the wardrobe when changing the air and ventilation. It can release all the harmful substances out. It is the most natural ways but it is the way to waste most time. Through the flowing of the indoor air, it can decrease containing of harmful substances so as to decrease the damage for people.

Ways 4, you might as well make a bamboo charcoal hang bag and hang it in the wardrobe. It can remove the offensive smell and has anti moister, sterilization and expelling parasites. It can remove the smell in less than a week. It does nothing bad to your health for it used the physical bamboo charcoal function to remove the odor without any chemical additive.

Ways five, you can take advantage of the plants absorption. The plants have strong ability to absorb the harmful substances. It not only can purify the air and adjust the indoor temperature, but also can remove the offensive smells.


Things you should pay attention to

  1. When you ventilating for releasing the chemical substances, you should know that it needs a long period to do it. You cannot just open few days.
  2. When using methyl alcohol, you should pay attention to that the wardrobe sprayed with methyl alcohol. It cannot touch the fire to avoid fire disaster.
  3. When using, if the plants is too huge to put it in the wardrobe, you can fully open the wardrobe door and put plants in front of the wardrobe. It has the same effect.

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