Right Canvas Colours for the Right Room

Power of Colours

Colours speak a thousand words. People all over the world use colour therapy for different ailments and purposes. Colour can change your mood, cheer you up or turn you down. Make you feel hungry or turn your appetite down.  Always remember the point what the wall colours and hangings you choose for your house should be according to the mood of the room. Choose your canvas photo prints carefully for each room of the house so that the colour therapy can work at its best.

Right Canvas Colours for the kitchen

For kitchen there are no hard and fast rules. You can go for earthy tones including browns,peaches or shades of blues and greens also. Shades of red such as brick red also look beautiful in the kitchen.

Right Canvas Colours for the dining room

Red and orange colours are associated with increasing a person’s appetite. These colours are stimulating and are associated with the fact that they make people feel the urge for food thus increasing appetite. You can introduce this colour with the help of wall paint but in case you don’t want very bright coloured walls, as you have a small living space, you can simply go for canvases of red and orange colour on plain walls. You can simply go for earthy base earth tones i your dining room to convey a feeling of warmth and combine it with red and orange canvases according to the flavour of the room. The colour that should be avoided for dining room is blue as it tends to suppress the appetite.


Right Canvas Colours for the living room

Living room is generally the place where you just want to sink in the sofa and relax. The colour you choose should depict comfort and positive energy. For selecting the right colour it is also important to take the overall size of the room into consideration. Light colours generally act to make the room appear larger. Warm colours in lighter tones look inviting and soothing. These colours include light colours like beige, light cream or light yellow. You can add large canvas pictures in bright soothing colours to create a point of focus in the living room. Shades of burgundy, maroon, dark blues etc. will look good on canvas.

Right Canvas Colours for the bedroom

Bedroom is the place where you sleep, relax and regain energy for the day’s work. It has to be inviting and relaxing at the same time. For bedroom you can choose soothing colours like blues, greens or anything romantic like peach or different shades of pink.  You can go for a base neutral colour and add colourful print on canvas in the above mentioned colours above the bed or somewhere appropriate to create an interesting look. Bright colours such as red, yellow and orange should be avoided as they are stimulating and do not give a relaxing feel.

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