Siding Trends: Endless Options for Every Kind of Owner

With many extreme weather changes occurring more frequently each season, home maintenance has become a growing challenge in many regions. reports that home repair expenditures in 2018 topped out at a whopping 340 billion dollars.

As homeowners assess storm, fire, and flood damage from year to year, it’s paramount to use replacement materials that stand the test of time and the rapidly changing elements. Your home is likely your most significant investment, after all.

Further, many homeowners now place a premium on earth-friendly building materials that align with their values as well as their design preferences. They’re choosing materials that lower the environmental impact of home building and repair.

We at Paramount Exteriors would like to assist our readership in finding the most rugged, beautiful, and environmentally responsible siding solutions for your home.

We have five siding trends to share below that can help your home remain both stylish and damage-free when extreme weather comes calling.

five siding trends

Trend #1: A bold contrast

Did you know that you can pull off two different siding colors? That’s right; it’s a unique way to express your personal flair for all the world to see from your curbside.

Try blending light and dark shades of the same color in your siding design. Allocate a certain siding height for one color, and then top it with the contrasting shade.

You can go light on the bottom for more neutrality with pops of “wow” just under your roof, at natural window breaks, or on your attached garage.

Or, for a bolder statement, center your darker color as the primary expression for your siding, with light trim or roof gables.

Trend #2: Mix and match shapes and sizes

All siding need not blend. Even if you choose to wrap your home in the same color throughout, you can create interest by mixing up the types of siding planks you use.

For example, say you use a traditional seamless horizontal siding design for the main sections of your home starting at the ground. You might try adding a “gingerbread” section at the roof peaks with smaller, overlapping siding that look a bit like shingles.

Or, you could use vertical siding planks on the front of your home and horizontal panels on the sides and back wall.

Finally, you may also choose a horizontal plank orientation on every wall, but go with a “skinny” plank at the ground level of your house, with a broader plank featuring a curvy, more whimsical edge for the second level.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to blending siding shapes and sizes to fit your style. If you have questions, be sure to hire a professional to assist you with creating the siding mix that tastefully expresses your unique panache.

Trend #3: Alternative materials

Guess what? It’s okay to choose an array of materials to max out function and appeal. Blending a stone facade at your front entry with classic clapboard siding around the rest of the exterior gives interest and depth to an otherwise “blah” sameness.

Steel siding is an increasingly popular choice for its durability as well as its low environmental impact. Steele planks are typically sourced from recycled steel scrap metal from cars and other sources.

Not only do they last for years without peeling or cracking, but they are also easily recycled again and again.

Responsibly-sourced wood siding like cypress, Douglas-fir, pine, cedar, and redwood are all sustainable and renewable siding sources. Cedar planks also contain natural insect repellents and resist rotting from bug infestations.

Hint: If you choose a wood-sourced siding material, be sure to check for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certifications before purchasing your siding.

Trend #4: Trim, trim, and more trim

If you’re a little reluctant to go bold with your siding color or mix-and-match shapes, you can try adding additional excitement and personality with your trim choice.

Choosing a bright or contrasting trim color, or even a fun and lively front door or garage allows a little of your creativity to show in varying levels of intensity. Also, if your interests change after a few years, replacing a front door or a garage door is a relatively easy switch.

Wood trim is also paint-able in most cases and can be an enjoyable project when your home needs a seasonal refresh.

Don’t forget the shutters! Shutters are an easy addition to most homes and can create either a traditional statement in a neutral shade or a daring expression of color against a plain siding background.

Trend #5: Design with nature in mind

Take your siding inspiration from the natural elements in your region. Do you live in an arid area with a desert appeal? Try stucco siding with a contrasting front door or garage door panels.

Stucco materials do well in dry heat and are energy efficient as well as recyclable. It’s a great choice for keeping cool in direct sun exposure, not to mention embodying a visible breath of fresh, cool air.

Are you surrounded by rocky hills and pebbled pathways? Stone siding or siding accents will provide a smooth transition from your house to the outdoors and back again.

Stone siding material is often locally sourced and will last decades. Stone siding lends itself well to both modern sophistication as well as rugged, rustic looks.

Your finish will depend on the type and placement of the stones, as well as how you mix them with other siding elements and trim.

Refresh your siding today for ultimate homeowner satisfaction

Changing your siding is an investment that brings satisfaction for years to come. Be sure to consult your homeowner’s insurance policy if you’ve sustained siding damage after a weather event. You may be eligible for repair or replacement at a lower cost.

Most importantly, enjoy the siding selection process with all the choices you have available to you on the market, and hire a local pro for the best installation, materials, and service guarantees.

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