Summer’s Here! Have you Cleaned your Swimming Pool?

With summers lurking around the corner, you can expect your swimming pool area to be the hub of activity. You’ll find your neighbors children splashing around in its water with kids, your friends coming over for poolside parties, more BBQs taking place, and your home becoming a much-coveted spot for many. What’s important is the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool. It would not be nice to find muck or algae floating in it when you are on the verge of sending out invites.

Before the hot season makes its appearance, it’s essential to take a pause and ask yourself a few questions? Is the pump working well and ready to do its work across the season? Have you checked the filters for clogs and other debris? Your swimming pool requires a lot more than the simple removal of surface scum or fallen leaves. Therefore, instead of getting into long-drawn DIY activities, you may want to reach out to professional pool cleaning and maintenance companies to get it up and ready in good time. Here’s why you should invest in the years of experience and expertise of technicians and cleaners related to a pool maintenance and upkeep agency. The following paras will provide you with helpful and effective tips for maintaining your pool.

Why Do You Need More than Routine Pool Maintenance?

Your pool should always be ready and inviting enough to encourage a splash or dive. It should be clean, hygienic, and refreshing to give you your money’s worth. The key to having a nice pool lies in its proper maintenance and regular upkeep. The idea behind investing in more than routine pool maintenance is that you should end up saving on frustrating moments and not make emergency trips for additives, chemicals, and pool cleaning products. Nathan Scott from Cabana Boy Pool Works says that regularly cleaning your pool is important in ensuring that the chemical levels in your pool are safe. More so, with preventive maintenance in place, you can be assured of reducing the lifecycle costs involved with your swimming pool. In case you pay heed to the tips and advice of pool maintenance experts, you can look forward to keeping your pool sparkling clean and algae-free at affordable costs.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Pool in Good Shape

Keep a Tab on the Chemistry of the Pool

The pool chemistry should be checked at least once every week during the warmer months. In winters, it is important to keep checks every alternate week or so. As per experts in pool maintenance and cleaning, the pH of your swimming is best kept in the range of 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH is maintained on the lower side of the scale then your pool will need lower levels of chlorine to keep the water sparkling clean.

Clean the Skimmer Baskets

The primary job of the skimmer is to remove the contaminants and debris from the pool’s surface before they soak up water and sink to the bottom. By having a clean and effective skimmer, you may look forward to keeping your pool water and its base clean through quick and effective ways. Given the high levels of cleanliness that the skimmer requires, you need to open it and dump off all the waste collected therein at frequent and regular intervals.

The Lint Pot Needs Cleaning

The lint pot requires regular and in-depth cleaning as well. In order to clean the lint pot, it’s essential to switch off the pump and do away with the pressure created on the system. Alternatively, you may find it important to clean the leaf catcher or debris catcher. You may invest in a debris removal system or leaf trapper to go about the act. Look around for a 2-speed, multi-speed or variable speed pump to get good returns on your efforts.

Check out the Water Levels

Is the level of water too low or too high? Remember, the water has to reach the central point of the pool tile or skimmer to impart optimal performance and results. In case the water level is lower than this then you may burn out the pump by making it run dry. On the other hand, if the water level is too high then the door of the skimmer will fail to function properly. This door is responsible for keeping the accumulated debris within the skimmer.

Determine the Performance of the Chlorinator

If you’ve installed a deck chlorinator then it has to be checked carefully and regularly to assess the levels of chlorine tablets. The loading and clogging issues related to these tablets have to be ascertained as well. The unit and its maintenance would depend on the features and style of the chlorinator along with its capability to include constant residuals of the needed chlorine.

Maintain the Ozonator

UV and ozone, or a mix of both, is useful for reducing the amount of chlorine that your swimming pool would need. If there is an Ozonator installed in your swimming pool then you need to ensure if its light is functioning or not. Additionally, check if this part is working to its full capacity or causing lags. Technicians belonging to pool maintenance companies are adept at handling and managing the installation and use of different types of ozonation.

Get Ready for the Dive

Once professionally-trained pool maintenance experts have taken a look at the gaps in your swimming pool, they’ll use their expertise to do the needful. Once done, you can enjoy clean and debris free pool filters that do not waste water and offer maximum flow rates. The base of the pool will be visible clearly and there will be no obstructions at the bottom. With no abnormal odors to deal with and all units working as they should, you’ll not have to deal with problems related to algae, unclean waters, skin issues, and so forth. So, instead of looking any further for ways to keep your pool clean, get in touch with experienced companies in pool maintenance and cleaning to get the job done well, today!

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