Summer’s Here! Is Your AC System Ready?

After a long cold winter it’s time to have some fun in the sun! You are getting ready for fun trips to the beach or vacations at the theme park. Also you are going to have lots of fun time at home. One question to ask yourself after the long winter is about your AC system. Is it ready for the coming hot summer months? If you are not sure it may be time to have an inspection.


Getting ready for summer is easier than you might think when it comes to your AC system. You should have a routine inspection done before you begin using your AC to make sure everything is ready to go. Have a service technician come out to inspect your AC unit from top to bottom. It’s a great idea to have this done regularly but especially when going from heat to cooling and vice versa. Your technician can make sure that there are proper coolant levels in the unit. They can also check the duct work and ensure that everything is working properly and sealed like it should.

Make sure your filters are changed regularly and consistently. A dirty clogged filter makes the unit work harder and is not blowing clean air into your home. The filter is a key component on making sure your air is clean and comfortable. You can buy a variety of air filters from your local home stores. They can help reduce allergens or pet dander from coming through. You’ll find a wide variety of filters out there. Be sure that you change your filter out each month especially in those months where the usage is high.

Your AC unit may run properly but if your home is not insulated correctly it is just working harder than it has to. Be sure to check for leaks around your windows and doors. You are trying to cool your home, not the neighborhood. Check that all the seals are tight and if they are not then replace them. You will find that by making sure your home is tightly sealed that the air unit will not have to work as hard to cool the home. This also means your power bills will not be as high for your unit struggling. Be sure you are being energy-efficient and it will save you both time and money.

One final tip to helping get your unit ready is by clearing any and all debris that may have accumulated around the outside unit. In the winter months there may have been some tree limbs and items that have gathered around this area. Make sure to clear up any and all items around the unit to help it run properly. Spend a day cleaning up the outside area of your home to help your home get ready for summer.

These are just a few things you can keep in mind for getting your AC unit ready for summer. While you are preparing for your vacation and getting ready for all the fun don’t forget your AC unit. You will be glad you took these steps to get ready when the temps rise and are scorching.

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