The Best Tips for Securing Your Construction Site

Construction sites are hot spots for theft to occur as they are full of expensive equipment and building supplies. Statistically speaking, in a year’s time, construction sites experience losses due to theft that equate to approximately 2% in increases to the cost per job. Furthermore, statistics prove that each year total construction site losses (stolen materials and equipment) equal roughly $1 billion. This does not include losses that occur due to an unsecured site being vandalized. As such, these issues are quite problematic and must be addressed. An important first step is to hire an experienced security company to handle your day to day security needs and ensure the site is fully secured. However, there are also some other great security practices that can be implemented to ensure your job site is not part of the statistics. Continue reading to learn about the best tips to secure your construction site in Houston!

Add A Fence

It may seem elementary but placing a fence around the perimeter of your site is a great step to deter illegal entry. It is also important to include clear signage (no trespassing, danger, construction area, keep out, etc.). Furthermore, post signage listing the legal repercussions of breaking and entering, theft, or vandalism at the entry point to your job site.

Implement an Inventory System

Catalog assets at your site, such as materials, equipment, and tools. Be sure to have a picture record of each item and a designated number on file for each thing. Enforce a policy where employees are logged into a system with the tool/equipment number before obtaining an item. This sign out system ensures that employees return tools/equipment and if they don’t there is a paper trail to find the culprit.

Secure Assets During Off-Duty Hours

Leaving high dollar assets, such as materials, tools, and equipment where they can easily be seen invites thieves’ interest. Instead, be sure to place these items in a secure location that cannot be easily accessed to discourage vandalism and theft.

Light Chases the Darkness Away

The concept is simple, most crimes occur in the dark, as criminals hide in the shroud of black to commit their misdeeds. This is no different with construction sites. Not only are construction sites void of employees during the evening hours, but the darkness provides a sense of security for stealthy criminals to sneak in and steal items or vandalize the property. Light up the site as much as possible and criminals will be unlikely to target your site as they don’t want to be caught.

Keep A Singular Point of Entry

While job sites may be targeted by professional thieves, did you know theft is more commonly committed by your own employees or subcontractors? It is easy for employees to try sneaking pricey tools and materials out to their vehicle. The same is true for subcontractors who may use your materials to make their next job even more lucrative. It is much more difficult to pull the wool over your eyes if there is only one point of entry and exit. You can staff this point with a trained security guard who can be certain all those who enter should be there and tools and materials are not being smuggled out.

Professional Security Patrol

Hiring a reputable security company to regularly conduct patrols of the site can be an effective deterrent to crime. These random patrols create a high possibility that any criminal activity will be immediately identified and dealt with. This prevents thieves and vandals from taking the risk in the first place. This also ensures the proper authorities are called and criminals are promptly apprehended when a breach does occur.

Don’t leave your construction site vulnerable to criminal activity. Implement a security plan and allow the experts at a security company to keep your assets intact!

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