The More You Know! 4 Common Uses of Heavy Duty Casters

Caster wheels are the type of wheels that you see on shopping carts or on some household furniture items. However, these caster wheels are for lightweight purposes only. So, what are heavy-duty casters used for?

You might be surprised to learn about these 4 functions and advantages of using heavy duty casters! Continue reading below to find out more!

1. Heavy Containers

No, we’re not talking about the heavy containers that you lift off the top shelf of your closet during the holidays. Heavy-duty caster wheels are needed for much heavier containers. We’re talking about shipping containers.

And whether they’re loaded or unloaded, we need these heavy duty casters to move them around. The caster wheels are placed on the corner of the shipping containers and have a lock on them to stop the container from moving when needed.

2. Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry also benefits from heavy-duty caster wheels. These wheels are used to transport large pieces of equipment, assemblies, and workpieces. One of the most common uses for heavy-duty caster wheels in the aerospace industry is on work stands.

When technicians need to work on aircrafts’ engines, they need their work stand to move with them and be locked into place as needed. These wheels are also used on aircraft tow bars, airplane hanger doors, helicopter landing pads and dollies, and much more! Although you might not give much notice to these wheels in regards to aerospace, they’re surrounding the entire industry.

3. Heavy Parts

Any manufacturing plant that produces large machinery or equipment uses heavy-duty caster wheels. Other than aircraft assembly plants, you can also find these wheels used in auto assembly plants, earthmoving equipment plants, and much more. The wheels make it much easier to move any large or heavy parts from one location to another within the plant.

Many employees benefit from these wheels because it means less physical labor for them.

4. Platform Trucks and Dollies

We know that platform trucks and dollies need to move around. But did you know that both of these items use heavy-duty caster wheels? Both pieces of equipment are used to handle different types of heavy material.

That’s why heavy-duty casters are so essential for their operation. Could you imagine trying to push this equipment without strong caster wheels? You’d probably be limited to how much weight you could place on the equipment and you wouldn’t be able to travel as far.

Do You Need Heavy Duty Casters?

After reading this post, you might be surprised to learn that you need heavy-duty casters for your own business or personal use. They come as a great benefit to anyone who needs to transport or move around heavy materials and equipment.

From the aerospace industry to the automobile industry, heavy duty caster wheels are all around us!

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