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Organize Your Life and More – Finding Storage Space

finding_storage_spaceIt doesn’t matter whether you are moving or just need storage space around your home or office, here is some information to help ensure that your storage experience is a good one.

All Storage Spaces are not the Same

You need to understand that all storage places are not the same – no two facilities are alike even when in the same company. Some of these differences include security, cleanliness, customer service, temperature control, and availability of moving and packing materials. By remembering this, you will choose the best storage facility.

Burglary Can Happen

Studies have shown that most self-storage break-ins are caused by an “inside job” by those people masquerading as customers. They usually rent a storage unit exactly like you are about to do, then at a good time – go to work. Once they are inside, they will normally cut numerous padlocks with bolt cutters, take whatever they want from units right under the nose of the unsuspicious manager, then put back the cut locks with their own so they can enter the units again at another time if necessary. The burglar is able to enter the property through any security gate with his own confidential gate code, just like any other customer.

Ask about Cylinder Locks

So when you need storage space how can you avoid a problem like this? Ask each storage manager you talk to if they allow their customers to use padlocks or if they are using the new generation of “cylinder locks” which have no exposed hasp that can be cut. Also, check to see if the facility has installed alarms on all the doors in their facility so they know the exact time of day that every unit is accessed. To de-activate the alarm on any unit, the customer enters in their private pass code. If any unauthorized entry happens, an alarm sounds, instantly identifying the unit that has been entered.

Consider Climate Controlled

When you need storage space, storage that is climate controlled protects your items from weather extremes. Any continuing changes in humidity and temperature are the main problems when it comes to wooden furniture, fabrics and other items being damaged. It is common to find warped wood or mildewed fabric after having been stored in outside storage units. To guard against weather changes consider using climate control storage which has heated and air-conditioned units that keeps a consistent temperature control in the building. Your goods are stored inside, making them unlikely to have any damage.

Save Money with Careful Planning

When you need storage space, careful planning will save you money, heartache, and space. Many people rent much more space than is really needed. Since storage units come in a variety of sizes, you should do all you possibly can to pay for only the space you need, especially if you do not need frequent access to the space.

Storage facilities are usually not responsible for your contents so if you need storage space it is usually a good idea to insure your goods that you intend to store. This type insurance is almost always available to you at the time you rent your unit. Before getting any insurance from the facility, check with your own insurance agent, since often your renter’s or homeowner’s policy will cover your goods at no extra cost.

When you need storage space, these are a few things that you need to take into consideration before settling on a facility to use. It will make your experience much better.

Paul Benjamin works for EZ Storage, a company providing clean and secure self storage.

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