Tips For Packing To Move House

packing movingPacking for a move and organizing yourself to go to a new place is exciting and also can take a lot of effort. So, here’s how to make the whole process a lot easier with your guide to packing to move.


We all collect a lot of rubbish in our time in a place and if you’ve been there for years a lot of the items could serve little or no use at all. There’s no point removing rubbish from one place and bringing it to another, so bin it before you move. Go room to room and commit to binning a fifth of all the items in the room. Whether you trash them or donate them is up to you; just don’t bring them to your new home.


Now that you’ve gotten rid of all you don’t need, take heed of what you will bring and give it all a good clean. You’ll thank us when you empty a box full of clean items the other side of the move.

Stock Pile

Moving supplies are great and we come across potential items that could help every day. Before you move spend time stockpiling boxes and useful items for moving. Remember it’s easier to carry lighter boxes than heavy ones. Save paper and newspaper too, as well as bubble wrap and other items that can be used for packing. They’ll all save on time and effort, we promise.


Having a system for packing can greatly ease the process and allows you to speed up your move. Commit to packing a room every 3 days for three weeks and you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Or, you could ask friends to come over for wine and pizza and pack as you feed them pizza and wine – we’re sure they’ll be delighted.

Pack and Label

When you do pack your items, make sure to pack them away from harm and also to label them so they don’t get mixed up. Make sure to use bubble wrap and filling to protect anything important and if it’s priceless have it moved especially. Organisation helps a lot in situations like these, even if you got someone to buy my house fast.


Sometimes you might be better off getting a professional moving company into do the work and move your home. They often clean too and so you’ll have very little to worry about. Many also insure their works so if there are any breakages, they are paid for by the insurance – perfect for the clumsy ones among us.

Finally, enjoy your new home and make the most of your old one and don’t stress too much. It will all get there in the end.

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Cormac Reynolds writes for YouSellQuick a UK house selling company he has written a wide range of articles on house moving.

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