Tips to Help You Find the Best Silicone Sponge Sheet, Supplier

Tighter environmental regulations by China, the world’s largest silicone supplier, have seen global silicone supply levels dwindle tremendously since 2017. This followed by the closure of Wacker Chemie, a major silicone plant in Germany at the beginning of this year, further worsened an already dire situation.

As a result, most silicone manufacturers now use poor quality silicone when manufacturing their products. Given the worsening conditions, it’s vital to choose a silicone sponge sheet supplier carefully, so you only get premium quality products. Luckily, you happen to be on the right page because here is a cheat sheet outlining factors you should consider while choosing your supplier.

1. Location

One key factor to consider while choosing a silicone sponge sheet manufacturer is their zone of operations. In this case, you would have two options; you could decide to go with an overseas manufacturer or a US-based one. Both options have their perks, but opting for US-based manufacturers is a more sound choice. Why? Well, the tighter quality control regulations, as well as advanced technology in the US manufacturing realm, means that sponge sheets from a US-based manufacturer are always of better quality than those from overseas. Also, the fact that they are manufactured within the borders is an added benefit as you’ll not incur shipping costs.

2. Experience

Just because a manufacturer is US-based, it doesn’t automatically mean they are experienced enough. They might have ventured into this industry the other day, and are yet to learn how the industry works. Given the increasing shortage of silicone supply, such a manufacturer may easily result in using unethical means of production. But a supplier who has been in the market long enough is familiar with the ropes of silicone production. Therefore, they will always know where to look whenever there are shortages and won’t compromise on quality for profits.

Therefore, consider the track record of the potential supplier. Look at their portfolio and ask about the types of products they deal with and for how long they have been in a market.


You can be guaranteed of quality if you shop from a supplier who specializes in the manufacture of silicone sponge sheets. This is because all their efforts and resources are channeled to the product.

3. Design Capabilities

You want sponge sheets that meet your exact requirements and are made with precision. In that light, choose a supplier with excellent in-house design capabilities instead of one who outsources. This way, you would be assured of the accuracy. But other than design capabilities, go for a sponge sheet manufacturer with comprehensive testing capabilities. This will further ensure what you pay for offers the expected performance.

4. Compliance

A supplier might have met all the above specifications, but if they haven’t taken the step to comply with industry standards, it would be wise if you steer clear from them. This is important because sourcing your products from such a manufacturer might land you in trouble as you’re essentially buying an illegal product. Therefore, make sure your supplier complies with all the required standards both nationally and internationally. But don’t just take their word for it, ask for certifications such as the ISO 9001.

5. Customer Support

You also want a supplier you can easily reach out to whenever hiccups arise. For instance, at times, you may need to make changes in your order or want to ask a question about the products. In such cases, you want a manufacturer who can get back to you in a timely and professional manner. This is another reason why you should choose a US-based manufacturer as they’ll be operating around a similar timezone.

The dwindling silicone supplies have greatly affected the quality of silicone products. It is for this precise reason that you should only work with a qualified and reputable silicone sponge sheet supplier such as National Silicone. We are dedicated to delivering premium quality in both products and customer services.

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