Top Things to Do When You Move to a New House

Moving home is one of the most frantic times of your lifetime. It looks like there are 101 things to do and not sufficient time. Now we list the top things to promise you live a stress free life in your new home.

Notify the council that you’re moving home so they can update your council tax record in view of that. If you’re moving to an area governed by a different council you will need to make both councils aware of your move.

Moving home is the perfect time to have a clean-up. Get rid of everything you don’t want by selling it, reusing it, chucking it away or giving it to a charity shop. Check out Eagle Dumpster Rental for your waste management needs.

Persons to give your new address to:

  • Friends & family
  • Banks & building societies
  • Credit card providers
  • Insurance suppliers
  • DVLA
  • Inland revenue
  • National insurance
  • Health cover
  • TV license
  • Mobile supplier
  • Any subscriptions you hold
  • Store loyalty card

It’s amazing how numerous people pack all their belongings into selected boxes and open every box looking for a cup to make a mug of tea. Tag one package for all the essentials you’re going to want when you get to the new house, containing; bedclothes, disaster contact info, first aid supplies, milk, tea bags, teapot, cups, shampoo, cloths, change of garments, soaps, lavatory paper and a clippers.

Take gas and power readings before you leave your old home and when you arrive at your new house.

Check that you haven’t left something behind in your old home in places you barely ever use.
Inform your current energy supplier that you are moving home and whether you’ll be continuing to use their service in your new home.

When moving home it’s advisable to let all your utility suppliers know your new address, for example your phone and broadband provider.

While packing packages, take into consideration the individual that will be lifting it. Certain objects are heavy even though they’re small.

Order a removals van to take all your large pieces of equipment to your new home.

Get your post redirected. You don’t know who will be moving into your old home and if your post arrives there, it might give them access to a mass of your private details as well as bank accounts. We recommend setting up the forwarding before you move and keeping it open for no less than 6 months. There will be a small payment, however for peace of mind it is a very minor fee to pay.

Change the address on your car cover policy. Your cover company can refuse to pay out if they learn that your car is being kept at a different address to that is on their accounts. Therefore, it is sensible to change the information as soon as conceivable.

If you’ve got small kids, it may be sensible to organize for them to stay with a friend or family member. They can add to the pressure of moving.

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