Usefulness Of Water Purifiers In Our Daily Lives

Water is an integral part of our human civilization, and without it no leaving being can survive, it is among few of the ingredients that make earth the only inhabitable planet in the whole of Galaxy and maybe the universe. But even after being such a necessary entity it’s sad to know those due years and years of natural resource consumption, global warming, and pollution we have depleted our freshwater reserves which are kept in the form of glaciers in our Poles. Our human body is about two-thirds water, and if that ratio goes down, we are into all kinds of trouble. In today’s age, pure drinking water is not so easy to find, especially in urban areas where there is so much scarcity of drinking water that authorities could not provide the best quality water to drink. Here comes the role of water purifier systems which are now not only present in our homes but also Offices, public places, Hospitals, Shopping malls. We can also find sizeable industrial water purifier in industries like mineral water bottling plant or beverage plant or food processing plants. Everywhere you name it, and you will have these water purifiers in all sizes present there.

How Water Purifiers works

The industrial water purification system is very complex and involves lots of steps out of which we have tried to summarize most of them. Let’s try to go through them and understand how industrial filtration plant functions. Many levels go into the complete process:

  • The process starts with an intake where raw on unfiltered water comes into the system through some meshed obstruction so that macroparticles can be stopped there
  • In the next step, the process of removing suspended particles began a coagulation agent does the trick for us
  • Post coagulation water is agitated to promote the formation of bigger particles, and just after that when the process of sedimentation begins using gravity; they are removed from the water
  • Then the water moves to disinfection segment where all the biologicals pathogens are treated, this is done through two ways, either by heating or bypassing Ultra violet rays
  • Water is then softened by using softening agents so that the PH value of water can come down
  • Ion exchange is the next steps where water is passed through highly ionized resins where charged particles stick with the hard materials
  • Some purifier systems use Reverse Osmosis as the methodology for water treatment in conjunction with UV rays
  • In reverse osmosis, we force the water molecules through an almost permeable membrane and during this process all the unwanted residuals are filtered out by the layer
  • While UV exposure, on the other hand, kills all the biological pathogens as discussed above
  • In the end, water is passed to the outlet systems for distribution.

Advantages of Water Purifier

The benefits of such water purifier are huge, especially for industries which use water heavily.

  • As the water used by these heavy industries do not remain in good shape and is not fit for anything
  • It’s now compulsory for such an industry or an office setup which consumes an enormous amount of water to treat the same and use the recycled water for various purposes
  • This eventually saves lots of money, reducing your water bill and conserves water which is our priority
  • Treating the water and having a purification system also makes sure that the end-user of that water remains healthy after consuming the same
  • During this process, we also get rid of harmful metals like arsenic, cadmium, and lead
  • Arsenic which has been recommended by all the approved health-related worldwide organizations as a slow poison which if consumed regularly in the long term, can be fatal
  • Reverse Osmosis filters are the only one out there which can remove arsenic.

Concluding Statements

In the end, we can only say that water purification whether at homes or industries or public places, is essential and we cannot risk anymore drinking tap water due to low quality. Humans have exploited our mother nature so much now that we have almost done permanent damage to it and water is at the top in that list of damaged entities. If we need to fix it and save the remaining water we have, we will have to take steps like purification of water and recycle and reusability of the same. Big industrial water purifiers are there to do it, so if you are owner of an industry and is heavily depending 9n water but do not have a purification and treatment process in place then you must go for these purification systems and if you are a household then have your home water purification system now so that you and your family remain healthy. Also for the home, you should store the wastewater which purifier disposes of for household works

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