Warm and Comfy: How to Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Space in Your Home This Winter

Do you spend your free time getting wrapped up in a good book?

If you do, you’d benefit from a reading nook!

A necessity for every book lover is a cozy and relaxing place to read. If your home lacks the perfect reading nook, you’ll have to set one up yourself!

Here are some tips on creating the perfect cozy reading space!

Find a Space

You’ll first have to find a place in your home with the potential for reading. A bedroom corner or a bay window are perfect options. You could even transform the storage area under your stairs into a cozy book nook!

What’s important is that the space you choose is quiet enough for you to focus and bright enough for you to read. Bookshelves are a plus, but they’re not necessary.

Get Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to read a book on a hard surface. Sometimes, no matter how you contort yourself, you can’t get comfortable.

A plush chair or sofa will allow you to settle in for hours of reading. Add some pillows, cushions, and blankets and you’ll be set! Your reading might turn into a nap, but that’s okay!

It’ll be easier to read this winter if your reading corner is warm! Consider looking into some heating services to make your reading nook even cozier!

Add Some Decor

Dressing up your space with your favorite decorative items will allow your mind to wander between chapters. This can encourage creativity and give you something to look at while you take time to digest what you’re reading.

Pictures of literary characters and framed quotes from your favorite authors can get you in the mood to read. If you have a bookshelf, you can decorate it with your favorite (and prettiest!) books.

Plants are the perfect natural element to add to your book corner because they give off a zen feel, helping you achieve optimal comfort!

Setting the Mood for a Cozy Reading Space

Choose a color scheme for your reading nook that sets it apart and lets people know it’s an important part of your home. Paint and area rugs are perfect for achieving the look you want.

Blue and white is tranquil, yellow and orange are warm and alluring, and neutral colors can be both cozy and meditative. Wallpaper or patterned rugs will go a long way in helping you create the perfect reading atmosphere.

Soft light is perfect for relaxing, but don’t set the light so low that you’re straining your eyes! You can also relax by spritzing your pillows with lavender-scented spray or lighting some scented candles.

The Reading Nook of Your Dreams

Get ready for afternoons full of page-turning and plot twists. Your reading nook will be the perfect addition to your home this winter, so get ready to settle in and finish your TBR pile! Hibernation has never been more fun!

Enjoy your cozy reading space!

Be sure to check back regularly for more interior design tips!

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