Waste Management In Office Premises – All You Need To Know

If we collectively see the time that an individual spends in his or her work place, it will be an enormous duration. Our offices hold an important place in our lives not just because of the financial dependency but also because of the emotional connect. Be it a government building or a conglomerate office, we all want offices that are good to work in and have the best of facilities listed for us. It is necessary for the employers to understand the reason behind having a good, facilitated workplace is that the happier your employee is, the better will be the work output.

Talking of good workplaces, all the major market players in the world and also the newly startups have made it a point that the best possible facilities are given to the employees. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple are some of the corporate giants which are renowned for their employee welfare services. Along with giving the best of facilities to your workers, it is also crucial that you provide your employee with a healthy environment, both physically and mentally. We can  keep the talk about the mentally healthy environment aspect for some other day, but let us discuss how and why it is important for any employer to ensure physically healthy and clean surroundings for the workers.

Why is it important to have a clean office?

This is a no brainer, but still giving you an answer to this question; a clean office is crucial for any employee’s concentration in his work. No one would want to go to a workplace which in unclean and untidy. If the office is not clean, no one would be able to give their 100% while working. For most of the employees, their offices are like their second home and no one would want their home to be dirty.

In today’s scenario, employees are the true and direct representation of the brand they work for. Most companies use their employees as a marketing channel since everyone discusses their work with their friends and family. If the employee is happy with the brand, they are more likely to share and promote it amongst their acquaintances and various other social media platforms which can prove to be great for the business. All this is not likely to happen if the worker is not happy with the employer.

How to keep the office clean?

Whether the office is an individual four to five storey complex or is occupied on a couple of floors of a giant skyscraper, managing the cleanliness of the premises is a complicated task. You cannot load your employees with the task of keeping the office clean in any case. So how is this to be done? Let us discuss a few methods to keep the office clean.

  • A dedicated team- every office must have a dedicated team for the waste management of the building. The administration of the organisation must make sure that the staff members of the concerned team must be efficient and that there are no loopholes in the waste management of the office. Whenever required you must hire a professional cleaning service for a thorough cleaning of the building. Also, when it comes to the waste disposal of sensitive objects like the e-waste, only certified professionals must be hired.
  • Investing in the equipments- when it comes in investing to buying cleaning related equipments like bins, vacuum cleaners, cleaning liquids, gloves and other materials that are needed, the required funds must be made available immediately. Take help of firms like A&A Skip Hire to get large sized skips for proper waste disposal.
  • Teaching the workers- encourage your workers to keep the office clean. Educate them about the advantages of a clean workplace so that they can contribute towards it. There have to designated waste disposal points for different kind of wastes. Make your staff aware about it so that they use them judiciously.
  • Recycling is the key- generating minimum waste is another way to keep the place clean. Paper is one of the highest occupant of waste items. Reducing the use of paper and reusing it will lead to a decrease in its wastage. Look out for things that can be reused and recycled to reduce consumption.
  • Cleaning drive- every once in a while, organise a cleaning drive as a fun activity in which all your employees must take part. The team which performs the best must be recognised. Along with that, hire cleaning services that will clean the office building and also deal with the waste in an eco-friendly manner.

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