What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Calgary?

Relocating can be stressful, but if you do your research beforehand, you can make it a rewarding and life-changing experience. Located in Alberta, Canada, the city of Calgary is visibly thriving. The exciting part is there are neighborhoods spread across that cater to a mixed bag of residents from students, young professionals to families.

Proximity to your place of work or study is an essential consideration to bear in mind while evaluating the best neighborhood for you. It becomes easy to navigate around Calgary once you understand the basics. The city is divided into a total of four quadrants, which are SW, NW, NE, and SE. Streets here run from north to south, while avenues typically cover the east to the west belt.

Generally, in Calgary, homes for sale will comprise detached buildings and homes rather than high-rise apartments. Downtown neighborhoods like Kensington and Beltline tend to be more expensive than those located further out. The suburbs here cater more for families with kids as schools are within walking distance. Living downtown works better for young adults who can afford to maintain an urban lifestyle.

Where to stay when in Calgary can be confusing for a rank outsider hence, listed here is a guide of the best neighborhoods, quadrant-wise:

Southwest (SW)

Be prepared to shell out more to buy or rent a home in this region consisting of the best neighborhoods like Mount Royal, Bankview, and Killarney. For those who want to see the buzzing nightlife, Beltline is the place to live.

Brimming with ample amenities, including convenient train connectivity, are Sundance, Haysboro, Chinook Park, and Acadia neighborhoods. The further south or west you head within the SW quadrant, owning a car is advisable to access the other parts of the city.

Northwest (NW)

Prime locations from where the famous recreational hubs like the Rockies and Olympic Park are accessible include Edgemont, Arbour Lake, Bowness, and Hamptons. You can hop on to the Red Line train service to head towards downtown and even further into the suburbs.

Nose Hill Park gives you a countryside vibe while Kensington offers an assortment of boutiques, pubs, cafes, art galleries, and bistros. Even Crescent Heights is attracting younger residents because of its proximity to action-packed hubs.

Northeast (NE)

Calgary homes for sale in this quadrant are nominally priced; hence, new immigrants initially invest here intending to relocate subsequently. Bridgeland is a neighborhood closer to downtown and conveniently located to prime shopping complexes. Even the airport falls within this zone and is centrally situated to facilitate access.

Southeast (SE)

Despite primarily being an industrial hub, SE neighborhoods like Midnapore and McKenzie Lake are located away from the commercial zones. Since these areas are not well connected by public transport, owning a car is a necessity.

If you choose to reside in Inglewood, you will have a vibrant young population for making contacts. Like them, you too can enjoy weekend getaways to breweries and antique stores. This neighborhood is also considered the home of ice hockey and hosts the most prominent musical concerts.

Explore the pros and cons of each Calgary neighborhood and finalize one that ticks the majority of your checkboxes.

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