What is Online Wholesale Canadian Hydroponics Companies All About?

The world has evolved in such miraculous ways. One excellent example of human kind’s amazing intellect and innovation is hydroponic systems. The method is used to grow plants without using soil. To be able to grow plants without actually using soil, inventors have created different hydroponic equipment.

A frontrunner in the manufacturing of these products are Canadian hydroponics companies. If you are a farmer or someone looking into starting your own hydroponic garden, then you can consider purchasing everything you need from a wholesale hydroponic company. But what are these companies all about?

Let’s have a closer look.


For a little more background, especially if you are new to the industry, we’ll explain this concept quickly. Flowers, herbs, and vegetables can grow in one of these systems without using any soil. When soil is absent, water will provide all the nutrients, oxygen, and hydration that plants need to live and grow.

Therefore, the Latin word “hydroponics” literally means ‘working water’. Vegetation that is planted in soil will grow roots that are constantly in search of nutrients and hydration within the soil. When the roots are directly exposed to nutrients and hydration, it wouldn’t have to grow in search of it.

If you grow plants within a controlled environment that doesn’t have any soil, you will eliminate the use of pesticides. Therefore, producing much healthier and organic fruits and vegetables. That is where hydroponic techniques and systems come in to play.

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Plants need an exact amount of nutrients, that they find in the soil they are planted in. Farmers have the challenge of inserting these nutrients into the soil before planting and during the growth process. Not only does the soil need to be in an optimum level, but the environment too.

This can be quite difficult to obtain, since some vegetation only grow in certain areas because of the soil. When you move to a full hydroponic system, you eliminate the entire soil prepping procedure.

Apart from eliminating the soil prepping process, there are many other benefits to switching to a hydroponics system. Here is a list of the main advantages:

  • Much more efficient use of water, up to 90% better
  • No need to use pesticides or chemicals, making the product much healthier
  • Space efficiency by increasing production up to 10 times
  • Not location-fixed, as the farm can be set up almost anywhere without considering the conditions of the soil
  • Crop growth and production multiplies twice as fast as in a traditional crop garden
  • Nutritional value is increased due to the shortening of time in between harvest and consumption
  • Allows indoor farming which eliminates the destruction caused by harsh weather circumstances

Learn more about the different benefits of using Hydroponics here: https://greenourplanet.org/benefits-of-hydroponics/


To encourage a much greener way of living, hydroponic companies from Canada are making it easier for farmers to implement these systems into production.

By manufacturing everything you’ll need to start implementing this system, these wholesale companies provide customers a one-stop shop. Many online dispensaries also host different high-quality brand names which will ensure a satisfactory online experience.

Most wholesale hydroponic companies are well-educated in these systems and will provide additional education and information on them. Making sure that all clients make an informative purchase.


Anyone considering to start investing in a complete hydroponic system should understand the different components needed to get it going. From air filters and pots to nutrients and electrical tools, there are a lot of components to get.

There are 6 different types of hydroponic systems available on the market. Here is a complete list of the different components you will have to obtain to create your own:

Growing Trays or Air Pots

These are needed to hold the plants in place when cultivating them. There are many different types of growing trays and the supplier will be able to discuss all the challenges of each one with you. This will help you choose the one that is best suited for your purpose.


For indoor plant cultivation you will need decent lighting that, in theory, replaces sunlight. There are a wide variety of lighting solutions available. Farmers can either use fluorescent lighting solutions for foliage plants or metal halide lighting solutions for flowers and vegetables.

Nutrient Solutions

Solutions usually consist of water that is filled with different nutrients needed by the plant. These solutions shouldn’t have any residue and be water soluble.

Specific hydroponic nutrient solutions are the best to purchase and use, as they contain the necessary nutrients. Using the correct solution will make sure that your plant doesn’t reach any dangerous toxic levels.

You can use a conductivity meter to measure electrical conductivity levels to ensure the healthy growth of fruits and flowers.

Growing Medium

This is basically a medium that replaces traditional soil. It will hold all the nutrients that your plants need to grow. Growing mediums can either be expanded clay, rockwool, gravel, bark, coconut fiber, sand, vermiculite, or perlite.

Buying everything you need from a wholesale Canadian hydroponic company, will ensure that you obtain all the components needed to start your gardening wonder. Getting the expert advice and support from an online dispensary is much better than trying to source all the different components from shops scattered all around.

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