What Makes Unfinished Hardwood Flooring a Smart Option for Homeowners?

If you are considering versatile flooring for your home, unfinished hardwood can be a smart choice. It is the perfect option when you need quick installation and a variety of choices in finishing the floor.

Thankfully, there are many places to buy unfinished hardwood flooring online, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are the benefits of this flooring for your home:

Carries a Natural Look

When you choose unfinished hardwood, you may get the stunning rustic look due to the natural patinas used in it. Unfinished flooring is site-sanded, which gives it multiple edge profiles. Unlike the standard beveled edges of prefinished floors, it is a great option to create a natural wooden look.

Also, its installation helps to get the minimalistic finishing that showcases the natural grain of the wood. Prefinished systems, on the other hand, have multiple coats of UV-cured finishes that give them a ‘plastic’ look.

Easy to Customize

One of the best advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring is the ease of customization it offers. Working with this option is similar to working with raw wood that gives you an open canvas to get creative. Prefinished flooring comes with several coats of finish and stain from the manufacturer’s facility. You can’t change them much.

So, if you want your wooden flooring to complement the overall interiors of your home, choose unfinished floors that you can customize with any stain or color option. You can also ask the installer to integrate borders, inlays, or any other custom features for a unique look in your wooden flooring.

Flexibility in Installation

The installation process of unfinished hardwood flooring is much easier and more flexible than prefinished floors. You can install the floor after completion of the construction and installation of other features in your home.

If you are looking for your new floors to match existing décor of your home, onsite finishing is a better option to get the required coordination in interior design.

Lesser Complications

Right from the process of selecting unfinished hardwood flooring online to its installation, there are fewer complications. There is no risk of dealing with old and new layers of finishing in this option because you’re working with raw wood. It allows applying any finish without fretting over the new coat, not adhering to the wood.

Installers do not use a sealing agent in the seams between the planks of finished wood. Due to this, dirt and debris get quickly settled in the seams. It also becomes susceptible to water seepage that causes mold growth under the surface. However, unfinished wood flooring allows you to apply the sealant agent to the entire floor because it is finished on site.

Endless Options

Unfinished hardwood floors are available in a wide variety of configurations and species. You may also choose reclaimed wood made from salvaged timbers. On top of this, it offers endless color options when it comes to stains and finishes. You may combine stains to create a distinctive pattern or look ranging from semi-gloss to matte and high-gloss finish.

So, give your home a cozy and stunning appearance by choosing customizable unfinished hardwood flooring.

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