What You Need to Know Before Buying the Quest CDG174 Dehumidifier

The first dehumidifier was an invention by an American in the year 1902. Willis Carrier, the inventor, came up with the equipment to help dehumidify a printing plant in Brooklyn. Today, people are widely using the device, but it’s mostly used in horticulture. Are you looking forward to buying one for your greenhouses? Well, it’s a good idea, although you ought to be careful when buying one, so ensure you understand the operation and maintenance first.

Here are some of the basics for a Quest CDG174 Dehumidifier.


Following the safety requirements will not only keep you protected, but it will also ensure you get the maximum benefits from the Quest CDG174 Dehumidifier. The precautions relate to the installation, maintenance, and operation procedures, some of which include:

  • The device installation should be indoors at a place safe from rain or flooding.
  • During installation, ensure there is enough space to allow access to the side panels and the back for maintenance purposes.
  • You should not use the device as a bench.
  • You should not direct the discharge air towards people.
  • The device should always be in an upright position when in use.


You should place the device in a structure, then place a condensate hose into a large container and switch it on. Closing the doors and windows of the building will help decrease the drying time.


When transporting the Quest CDG 174 Dehumidifier, make sure that it’s always in an upright position. However, you can tip it onto its handle when loading or moving by hand.

Electrical Power Requirements

To use the device, plug it into a 15 Amp circuit. The circuit to which the machine is connected should be capable enough to serve the device due to the high percentage of Relative Humidity for a 15Amp capacity.


The device has a filter made from a fabric, which you should check regularly. Operating the equipment using a dirty filter reduces the efficiency and capacity of the dehumidifier, and can lead to the compressor cycling on and off on the defrost controller.

You should change the filter after every grow cycle. Servicing the equipment using its high voltage circuit and high-pressure refrigeration system poses a health risk that can result in property damage, bodily harm, or even death. Only qualified persons should take care of servicing needs.

Condensate Removal

The device has a condensate pump, which is internal. The pump removes the condensed water during dehumidification. If the condensate needs to be pumped to over twenty feet above the unit, make sure you add a second pump for relaying the condensate.


The device is among the equipment for which a warranty is crucial. It has several parts, and replacement is necessary when faults develop. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the warranty terms before buying the equipment. The warranty agreement only applies to the end-user of the device and is not transferable.

The satisfaction received from the dehumidifier depends on the understanding of the device and the installation. The tips above will help you better understand the equipment, its installation, operational, and maintenance needs.

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