Why Granite Rocks: 6 Solid Benefits of Granite Countertops

If you’ve ever watched people search for a house on TV, you’ve heard of granite countertops. Right after an open floor plan, a kitchen with granite countertops is at the top of everyone’s list.

But, granite is much more than a trendy material in kitchen design. Granite is a timeless investment.

Read on to learn about the benefits of granite countertops.

1. Raise the Resale Value of Your Home

An updated kitchen is one of the top features home buyers look for. In 2019, buyers want stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and granite countertops.

If you update your kitchen to sell your home, you might only get a 70% return on investment. But, an updated kitchen could make your house sell faster. A modern kitchen with gorgeous granite countertops might edge out your competition.

2. A Variety of Colors to Choose From

Granite is a type of rock that naturally comes in a range of colors. Black, white, gray, and beige are just a few of the different granite colors that are available.

Granite slabs can have swirls of orange, flecks of blue, or spots of pink. The color options are practically endless.

3. Add Unique Style to Your Kitchen

Granite is a natural mineral material that’s mined and cut into slabs. No two pieces of granite are the same. By choosing granite, you’ll be installing something completely unique in your home.

If you choose man-made laminate countertops, there’s a chance your neighbor picked out the same one.

4. Granite Counters Are Great for Baking

If you’ve ever felt a slab of granite, you’ll know that it’s always cold to the touch. A cold surface is helpful for baking.

Cold countertops will keep dough from getting warm too quickly. They also keep dough from sticking to the counter. Whether you’re baking cookies or kneading bread dough, a granite countertop will make you a better baker.

5. Easy to Clean

Once a granite countertop has been sealed, it is very easy to clean. The sealant turns the stone into a non-porous surface which prevents it from absorbing liquids.

Thanks to the sealant, you won’t need to worry about stains. Your countertops will be able to handle kids, cooking spills, and more.

Granite counters can be wiped down with mild dish soap and water. You can also use a special granite cleaner to care for the stone and the sealant.

6. Granite is a Durable Material

Granite is a great investment for your kitchen because it can stand up to wear and tear. It’s also cut and heat-resistant. Your granite counters won’t get discolored if you set down a hot pan.

As long as you regularly reseal your countertops, granite can last for many years to come.

Loving the Benefits of Granite Countertops? Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Style Today

Even if you don’t have the budget for a complete gut job, a fresh coat of paint and new countertops can work wonders for your kitchen. Granite can make your home more attractive to buyers and can even make you a better baker.

They can be expensive but the benefits of granite countertops far outweigh the price. Check out our home improvement category for more design inspiration.

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