Your Guide to Where to Put Humidifier Units in the House

Have you ever come down with a cold and created a steam room for yourself by locking yourself in the bathroom and turning on the shower with hot water to feel better? The humidity of the hot steam works well to loosen up and built-up congestion and mucus in your throat and nose. Humidifiers essentially do the same exact thing.

Humidifiers come with several health benefits. They’re an awesome tool for keeping dry air at bay and providing a more comfortable environment in your home. If you’ve never had a humidifier in your home before, then you might be wondering where to put humidifier units to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

As the colder weather sets in, it’s time to start considering using a humidifier in your home. Continue reading below for our guide on where to place a humidifier!

Based Off Its Size

Depending on the size of your humidifier, it might work better in either a small room or a large room. The size of the humidifier determines how many square feet it can cover. Using a humidifier that’s not sized correctly for the room you’re using it in can cause problems rather than solve them.

For example, if you’re using a large humidifier in a small laundry room, you could create too much moisture, which could lead to the growth of mildew. This is why size is so important. Make sure to measure the room you intend to use it in and check with the humidifier’s specs to ensure it’ll work well for that specific room.

Above Ground Level

Keeping your humidifier above ground level is of the utmost importance. This is true for all types of humidifiers. The humidifier creates dampness in the room, and because of this, you’ll want to keep it off the floor.

Placing your humidifier on the floor can cause moisture to settle into the carpet or nearby furniture pieces such as a couch. To prevent mildew from growing, place your humidifier on a table or something similar that’s at least 2 feet above the ground. To protect your table from becoming damaged, you can set the humidifier on top of a towel.

Remember, humidifiers are used to bring moisture into the air and should be used in rooms where the air is dry.  In rooms where moisture is high, try a dehumidifier instead.

These humidifiers actually take the humidity out of a room rather than increase the humidity. Dehumidifiers are perfect for areas like garages.

In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a great place for a humidifier. Whether you’re using a cold mist or a warm one, it’s great to have it near the bed, but not too close. Sleeping with a humidifier on means that you’re not in control of it while it’s working.

Although you want it near your bed to get the full effects of it while you sleep, you don’t want to wake up in damp sheets. Also, keep in mind that if you’re using tap water to fill up your humidifier with, you’ll start to notice a buildup of white powder on the humidifier or around your bed.

This is the mineral deposits found in the tap water. Many people like to keep the humidifier at a safe distance from the bed to prevent powder and dampness reaching the sheets and pillows. To avoid this, you can use spring water or distilled water instead.

In a Child’s Room

Many families like to place humidifiers in their children’s rooms or in the nursery. When your children or baby is suffering from congestion, a cold, or a cough, a humidifier can be a great tool to break up the mucus while he or she sleeps. However, you do want to be cautious about where you place it in a little one’s room.

A warm humidifier is the best choice for the little ones as it’ll help them sleep much better throughout a cold winter’s night. Place the humidifier above the ground to prevent dampness from reaching the carpet. You should then ensure that it’s placed somewhere out of reach and somewhere stable.

You don’t want your little ones being able to reach the cord and pull on it. Use water that’s been boiled to kill off any bacteria in it and be sure not to use tap water as this will prevent the white powder from forming.

In the Living Room

With the living room being the main area in a home, it makes for a great place for a humidifier. When placing the humidifier in the living room, be sure to purchase a large enough unit for the size of your living room. The living room is where people in the home spend most of their time, so everyone will benefit from it in there.

Try your best to place it away from any piece of wood furniture as the moisture from it can ruin the wood. Otherwise, remember to place it above the ground and on top of a towel and you’re good to go!

Do You Know Where to Put Humidifier Units in Your Home?

If you’re not sure where to put humidifier units in your home, then we hope this post was able to help you out. Keep these ideas in mind when looking for a new place for your humidifier.

And if you enjoyed reading this post, then you might like some of our other ones as well. Come back regularly to find more interesting reads!

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