5 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate

5 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate

For any business to succeed, it is crucial to think in terms of location, namely, in terms of accessibility and the clientele the area is most likely to draw in. Finding the perfect location, then, is a difficult task, contingent upon availability and the fluctuations of an ever-changing market.

Given the nuances and possible complications involved in each and every prospective real estate opportunity, it is absolutely necessary to have the right experts on your side when seeking out the ideal site for your business venture; before, during, and after finding a certified real estate agent, there are a few things that ought to be done to speed up the process, no matter the type of real estate you desire or your location, be it standard commercial real estate in London Ontario or expansive warehouses in Toronto’s downtown core – with these tips in mind, you’re bound to find a space in which your business can prosper.

1. Research

Using online resources can easily and quickly give one a feel for the current state of the market and what is available at a given moment. Craigslist, for example, is an exemplary starting point when searching for commercial real estate, given the expansive number of postings that are updated incessantly. Once the internet’s resources have been exhausted, it’s important to venture out into the real world, where “For Lease” signs and the odd billboard or building-side advertisement can be found, replete with information regarding possible rental or sale opportunities. Given the quasi-anonymity of these sporadic public postings – both on the web and in the streets -rather than going on a whim and trusting the individuals or groups who have posted the sign, it’s necessary to do a bit of research to ensure the legitimacy of entering a contractual agreement with them.

2. Peruse Current Listings With an Agency

It is very important to check the current listings that a given agent or agency has available, which are typically not disclosed to the public and require professional assistance in order for them to be viewed. Typically, these exclusive listings offer a better idea of the real estate market than any given page on an online roster. Not only does this make the process easier, many of the deals are significantly better and can be carried out more easily and professionally, namely, through the agency – indeed, it’s all the more trustworthy and convenient.

3. Check Credibility

However, even when it comes to representatives working out of a legitimate agency, it’s important to ensure their legitimacy and peek at their track record, if possible. There are many ways to check the credibility of a said agent – as well as the listing in question – the most reliable way being a quick check-in with your local real estate licensing board.

4. Get in Touch with Former or Recent Clients

If it is possible, it is a great idea to contact other clients and past renters or owners of the property. This will give you an idea of the process and personality of the agent or agency; you will be able to find out the quality of service that will likely be given to you when working with them.

5. Get to Know Your Agent

When choosing a specific agent, all of the aforementioned factors ought to be accounted for. As well, you should set up a casual meeting to get to know them personally. Ideally, this introductory period will also be a time for your agent to get acquainted with you and your own particular needs.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, learning to comfortably navigate the world of commercial real estate becomes easier and easier over time; with a little practice and experience with postings and agents, you’ll land your dream office in no time at all.

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