The Most Unique Garage Door Designs

The Most Unique Garage Door Designs

There are a lot of reasons to invest in a high quality, unique garage door. Aside from the aesthetic appearance of an original, creative, or unconventional garage door, there are practical benefits to having a quality, well manufactured garage door. Energy efficiency during the heat and cold and an ability to withstand wind and other severe weather are all reasons why a high quality garage door can be advantageous.

From traditional steel doors to elegant wood or carriage style doors, garage doors can be made to suit your style. Depending on your budget, there are decorative garage doors of every material and design to suit your home. If the aesthetics weren’t enough of a benefit, unique garage doors can often add value to your home when you sell. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular garage door designs.

Carriage Doors

These are classic, rustic designs that add a lot of character to your house. Typically these feature the double doors with handles but open and close like a traditional door. With rustic hardware and an inviting aesthetic, these doors can easily add some class to any house. They vary in color, material, window design, and cost.

Wood Doors

This is more of a general type of garage door based on material since any variation of garage doors could be constructed with wood. Many unique garage doors feature re-purposed wood or wood with a very rustic finish to complement the surrounding house and landscape. These can be built in any size and can come in a variety of patterns with any number of window styles or no windows at all. Many wood doors look great with different kinds of ornamental hardware to create a particular theme for the door. Since wood is very versatile and goes with everything, these make very popular doors for any kind of home.

Modern Doors

There is a lot of variation in modern doors, and many of these garage doors are built to be as architecturally diverse as the house. From doors that combine materials, are concealed as garages, or serve as foundations or terraces for other parts of the home, modern takes on the traditional garage door are very popular. These modern garage door styles are highly unique in their approach to blending the garage into a functional role rather than just as a wart on the house for storage purposes. Some of these garage doors don’t even look like garages as they are concealed like just another room of the house and even open like double doors rather than a single up and down door.

Ornate, Mixed Material Doors

Many unique garage doors incorporate wood, metal, and glass onto the face of the door. Rustic doors that invoke a particular architectural period are popular for many homes. From elegant and sophisticated ornamentation that lets the primary material remain the focus to elaborately detailed, patterned doors that draw more attention, these garage door designs have a lot of personality.

Since garage doors reflect the houses they accompany, door designs can be as unique and architecturally diverse as the home. The higher the quality and more unique the door, the higher the price, but there are still plenty of unique garage doors that won’t force you to refinance your actual house.

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